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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sage - Day 3 at Home - Ears are Up & we have FRAP!

Day Three in his new home: Sage is clearly growing more comfortable. He is doing a bit more exploring and is gallumping about more. (Very funny when their legs aren't quite coordinated to work well together yet.)

More things are going into the mouth...yes, it's a puppy! And he's managed to convince Denali to play with him! This is huge, as she is really quite choosy regarding play partners and it usually takes her a lot more time to accept another dog well enough for play. They had a wonderful little play session this morning, and another this afternoon. We will try to get photos that aren't just blurs, and make a little video.

This little guy is very talkative. He makes all kinds of funny, squeaky sounds. Yes, he can definitely bark, but generally chooses to express himself by talking - I like it!

Ears are still up - looks good!

Sage is noticeably bigger today.  And his cream coloring is already getting darker.

He loves ALL of the toys. But when it is time to nap, he settles at our feet - sweet!  This is one happy, adorable puppy!


starrynights said...

Cenny "talks" all the time like that. He has his own language of whines, growls, yodels, etc. It's pretty funny.

Sage was always the quiet one in the litter. I am glad he's found his voice.

Elbeepem said...

After having had two Cardi females, both of whom were...ahem...quite boisterous, having one that knows how to talk in this way is very cute. Yes, he has quite a vocabulary. Now we just have to figure out what all those little squeaks and growly purrs mean. But we will!