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Dedicated to Bart, who had the Most Beautiful Tail

"It's very simple. Dogs and cats and other talented animals have tails; their tails, with their thousands of flourishes, provide them with a wonderfully complex language of arabesques, not only for what they think and feel and suffer, but for every mood and vibration in their feeling tone. We have no tails, and since the more lively among us need some form of expression, we make ourselves paintbrushes and pianos and violins..."

Hermann Hesse

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Puppies have Landed!

Today three of our five Pembroke rescue puppies, and their mother, Reba, got on airplanes and flew to their new homes. Now Reba is in Georgia, Weylan (now "Owen") is in Rhode Island, Patsy is in Iowa, and Cash is in Colorado! Sister Shania (now Maizy) stayed in local territory in Minnesota.

The foster mom and I had the pleasure of hearing from all of the excited new adoptive families, shortly after their respective dog arrived. They all did well, traveled easily and were adapting with the incredible ease that we typically see from these corgis when they change home situations. Everyone has promised to send updates and photos and we can't wait to see/hear how they all do in their new homes.

Upon arrival we understand that Patsy quickly convinced her new corgi brother to start frapping - game on! Cash didn't wait to chow down and ate a good meal without delay. He had his new parents laughing at his efforts to convince his new corgi sister to play. She'll catch on by tomorrow! Weylan (now called "Owen") was happily playing with the new toy squeaky mouse that he got on the way home from the airport and gave his new mom plenty of kisses upon arrival. And Reba was described as "the sweetest girl." She rode home, leaning against her new best friend, a teenager who has already fallen in love with her!

This is a photo of Shania/Maizy, taken shortly after her arrival in her new home. Although the exposure is a little dark, there can be no mistaking the gleam in her eye, or the happiness displayed by that huge smile! She's HOME!

After the many hours of screening, and all of the time and energy given by a devoted foster mom, the efforts really paid off. These dogs each went to an absolutely marvelous home. We couldn't be more pleased and happy for them. We know that Willie's new family will find him soon. In the meantime, he just gets sweeter and sweeter!

Congratulations, and thanks, to everyone!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pembroke Puppies - Status Update

All puppies but one, "Willie" (pictured below), have found wonderful new homes! Willie actually had a home too, but at the 11th hour the landlord refused the planned adopter permission to add another dog, so he's still looking for that "just right" spot!

We have had many inquiries, and choosing just the right place for each puppy has been an intensive process. (Hats off to those of you who are breeders, and have done this multiple times. It's not easy!)

But the result of the screening process has yielded simply fabulous homes for all of them! Reba, the two-year-old "mom," has also been adopted, and we're equally as thrilled with her new home-to-be! there's one little man searching for just the right home:

Willlie - a sweet, velcro teddy bear of a guy!

We are looking for the following situation for this dog:

1. A fenced, secure yard.
2. An experienced owner who understands the "testing" nature of this breed.
3. Prior experience with corgis, or other similar herding breed.
4. No children younger than 13 years of age in the home, or frequently visiting.
5. An owner who plans to carefully socialize the puppy and provide basic obedience training, as well as provide regular exercise and conscientious veterinary maintenance and care.

1. Someone who has previously raised and trained a herding breed puppy.
2. Someone who has a nice female corgi in the home now, to serve as a playmate.

Anyone seriously interested should submit an application form to ForPaws Corgi Rescue. You can locate the application in our "Learn More" section by reading "The ForPaws Adoption Process."

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wharf to Wharf Race 2009

This morning was the annual running of the Wharf to Wharf Running Race from Santa Cruz Beach to Capitola Beach, six miles away, in Northern California. The course takes you along the edge of the beach and many places along the route afford beautiful views of the great Pacific Ocean.

Course Map - Click on map to enlarge

This is a favorite race among many seasoned runners, as well as casual runners and walkers. It also has more character than just about any other race I've run. As it winds through the residential beachfront neighborhoods, there is a multitude of bands playing music (about every half mile), as well as people in costumes - just because!

Some of the entertainment is well-known and returns every year, like the Taiko Drummers and Robot Man. Others pop up for one-time cameo appearances. My personal favorite was about five years ago when a group did a take-off on the band, "Kiss." Four people, dressed from head to toe in skin-tight black and white zebra suits made an appearance. They found an old Dodge Dart convertible, and somehow managed to dress the entire car in the same zebra skin! As you ran by, you saw the band performing in front of the parked car. After the race, the car, with the band members all hanging out of it waving and singing, toured the streets of Capitola and Santa Cruz...what a kick! This year "stilts woman" was a newbie! She looked like Red Riding Hood...on stilts!

The tag line for this race is, "It's the Best Little Road Race in California." This was the 37th running. I've run this race so many times that when I sign up each year and the application asks how many times you've done it, I have to make up a number, as I've lost count. My long-time friend, Jennifer, almost always accompanies me, as she did this morning. It's become kind of a special tradition for us.

Each year a local artist contributes an original work for the official race poster. This year it was especially lovely, as shown above. The same pelican theme was used on the T-Shirts, and they were really classy this year!

This year's race was especially meaningful for me. For the past two years I've been grappling with a back injury that has been incredibly slow to heal and has kept me sidelined from this event for 2007 and 2008. It is a fairly rigorous course, with a lot of hills - not good for a recuperating runner.

Nonetheless, this morning I found myself able to run it more easily than I'd imagined without having to stop and walk at all. While the finish time was my worst ever for this race, it was not nearly as slow as I'd anticipated and I was just thrilled to run "pain free."

Due to major road traffic we were delayed getting to the start and when the gun went off we were all the way at the back of a 15,000 runner field. This race runs on narrow streets, and always gets really bogged down for the first 1-2 miles or so, and the field remains pretty dense throughout the race, with not a lot of room to pass others. As we finally passed over the official starting line, I remarked to Jen that the "Kenyans are already at the half-way point." (Yes, some of the most famous world-class runners come to do this race each year! No kidding!)

Normally I try to be up around the 8-minute milers to start to avoid a lot of this, but it just didn't happen this morning. As a result, I was still passing people as I approached the Finish Line. This isn't a chip-timed event, so the clock at the finish indicated that I was about 7 minutes off of the actual start time, finishing in a "real time" of about 1:02:55.

It was a perfect morning to run at the beach and I remembered just how much I've missed being able to do so. Over the years I've run a lot of 10K races. I don't generally save the bib numbers, but this is one I think I'll hang onto for awhile...just to remind me how much fun running is!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kids at Aunt Tina's House

Last weekend the kids were invited to a pool party! Between my two, and the three at Tina's house, we had five dogs all together. They all got along and I took a lot of pictures. Here are some of Sage and Denali. I will post more in the future, but it is late tonight.

Sage is such a little nut...and it shows!

His typical sweet smile, and Denali, pretending the camera doesn't exist.

Denali has always played games with her extra-long tongue.

Not to be outdone, Sage follows her example!

Like the Bobsey Twins, these two stick together.

Dogs on a mission...not sure exactly what.
But, trotting briskley, it looks like they know where they're going!

Ever the huntress, Denali stalks around the pool. Sage keeps up and pretends to take the hunt just as seriously, though I doubt he really understands the objective. This is confirmed when he romps over to the lawn and proceeds to chase flies shortly after this was taken.

This is SO Denali!
A cartoon character come to life!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Puppy Update-A message to Potential Adopters!

One of our little Pembroke Princess puppies, Shania, would like to tell everyone that she REALLY appreciates how many wonderful people out there are enthusiastically waiting to give her, and her four siblings (pictured two postings below), wonderful new homes!

As of this evening, we have in excess of 15 applicants and seem to be getting about two new applications each day! Many of these first 15 are REALLY good and we will be screening this batch of applicants before moving on to any additional applications. It appears that we will easily be able to identify homes for all of our pups from this first batch.

A lot of the applications are from people with excellent background and experience with corgis, and from people who have clearly researched the breed. We can tell that you "get" just how special these dogs are, and we're thrilled that so many high quality potential adopters have come forward. We have already done some telephone screening in some cases, and will need to continue that effort prior to making final placement decisions.

Each puppy is different, as Patsy demonstrates here. She is a ham and likes to smile and play bow for the camera. Not all dogs are that comfortable having their picture taken.

So for now, our most important task is to carefully evaluate the temperaments of each puppy and do the best we possibly can to match each one to a home that seems like the best fit. We're in the process of doing some testing and observation now and all of the puppies appear to be very nice little dogs! We will know more as this week progresses.

We will be getting back to everyone just as soon as we can, as we know you're all very anxious. Unfortunately, we have only 5 puppies available, so some of you will be disappointed, and we're very sorry about that. Having young puppies like this in rescue truly is an extremely rare event. I doubt it will happen again for us.

In some cases, it is very possible that one of our other young adult dogs may be a fit for some of you who do not take a puppy, and we will be talking to some of our applicants about that option.

Not all of you who've applied are aware that dog rescue is not our "real job." This is something that we do in our "spare time" because we believe so strongly in it. But we do have jobs, families, other obligations and activities. So, if we don't get back to you quite as quickly as you'd like, remember that please! Getting six new dogs in rescue at one time definitely stresses our resources and we're doing the best we can.

We will be making placement decisions soon, and we really appreciate how many of you have offered to give a loving home to these nice pups!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Puppy Adoption - How to Apply

If you seriously want a rescue puppy (pictured below),
please do not delay!

Currently we've received a number of applications and are starting some telephone screens. As of now, none of the puppies have been placed, but we anticipate making some decisions very soon.

If you are seriously interested, you MUST submit an application to be considered. The more you can tell us about your background and experience with corgis, the better.

This is the link to the
ForPaws Corgi Rescue adoption application form.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Got Rescue Puppies! (Age 17 weeks!)

Sigh...a product of the times!

In the 13 years I've been operating ForPaws Corgi Rescue, we have never young, purebred corgi puppies come into rescue - nothing under about 8 months old, and that was extremely rare!

Due to the vast number of people being adversely affected by the economic conditions, now we've got our first litter - age 17 weeks - yikes! I suppose they could be called Blue Moon Puppies, because that's how often we see young puppies like this looking for an adoptive home! But when a hobby breeder suddenly had a change in family circumstances...fill in the blank!

Along with the five puppies, we took the mother too. She's beautiful, age 2 years, and her name is Reba. Accordingly, it seemed only fitting that the pups should also have names of well-known country music stars. So we've got Cash, Patsy, Shania, Willie, and Weylan in the mix. (Three boys, two girls.)

Reba - a typical Pembroke Princess!
Age 2 years

Reba will soon be ready for adoption and will be made available through a rescue colleague. More details soon to come! In the meantime, inquiries can be directed to ForPaws Corgi Rescue. Reba is a classic, spunky Pembroke girl, with a great personality, nicely socialized. Someone will be very lucky to find a nice girl like this in rescue!

Willie (Nelson)

Weylan (Jennings)

Shania (duh!)

Patsy (Cline)

Patsy - again (very photogenic!)

Cash (as in Johnnie)

Cash (again) just because he's SO handsome!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tribute to Happy Bowman

This is Bowman, or as we called him,
Happy Bowman!

This wonderful fellow was one of the best dogs ever to come to ForPaws Corgi Rescue. We placed in the San Francisco Bay area, about nine years ago. A mix of corgi and australian shepherd, this sweet boy was always smiling...always! Thus the name "Happy" was coined while he was in foster care. Ultimately, his new parents named him "Bowman" for one of their favorite places in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Sadly, we're speaking in past tense because Happy Bowman's time with us came to an end on July 2nd. Age took its toll, and his people knew that the time had come to let him go in peace.

Words simply cannot convey how special this particular dog was. Coming into rescue from an incredibly bad situation, one that could easily have inspired fear and aggression, this beautiful boy was never anything but loving, sweet, spirited...and Happy!

Words also can't begin to speak to how well-loved this dog was. From the first meeting, his new people knew that he was their dog. Bowman spent many contented years accompanying them on camping and hiking expeditions. They loved sharing the beauty of nature, especially the mountain wilderness with their canine companion.

When I saw the message, entitled simply "Bowman," I couldn't open it right away. I already knew what it said, and couldn't bear the thought that Bowman was gone. But included was this photograph.

Clearly in his element as King of the Mountain,
smile firmly intact, it is a perfect picture.

Happy Bowman was an amazing dog,
a beautiful spirit .
That is how we will always remember him!

Thank you Melody and Don for giving this wonderful dog the lovely life he so deserved. There is no greater gift you could have offered. We know how much you loved him...and that is everything!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Retirement Home in Costa Rica

You too can build this unusual retirement home. All it takes is a spare Boeing 727 and a little time!