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Hermann Hesse

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tribute to Happy Bowman

This is Bowman, or as we called him,
Happy Bowman!

This wonderful fellow was one of the best dogs ever to come to ForPaws Corgi Rescue. We placed in the San Francisco Bay area, about nine years ago. A mix of corgi and australian shepherd, this sweet boy was always smiling...always! Thus the name "Happy" was coined while he was in foster care. Ultimately, his new parents named him "Bowman" for one of their favorite places in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Sadly, we're speaking in past tense because Happy Bowman's time with us came to an end on July 2nd. Age took its toll, and his people knew that the time had come to let him go in peace.

Words simply cannot convey how special this particular dog was. Coming into rescue from an incredibly bad situation, one that could easily have inspired fear and aggression, this beautiful boy was never anything but loving, sweet, spirited...and Happy!

Words also can't begin to speak to how well-loved this dog was. From the first meeting, his new people knew that he was their dog. Bowman spent many contented years accompanying them on camping and hiking expeditions. They loved sharing the beauty of nature, especially the mountain wilderness with their canine companion.

When I saw the message, entitled simply "Bowman," I couldn't open it right away. I already knew what it said, and couldn't bear the thought that Bowman was gone. But included was this photograph.

Clearly in his element as King of the Mountain,
smile firmly intact, it is a perfect picture.

Happy Bowman was an amazing dog,
a beautiful spirit .
That is how we will always remember him!

Thank you Melody and Don for giving this wonderful dog the lovely life he so deserved. There is no greater gift you could have offered. We know how much you loved him...and that is everything!


penni said...

Crying and smiling go together when I learn about a wonderful dog who became part of a great dog adventure. He's not really gone -- just waiting in a dimension we cannot yet see.

Michele said...

I hadn't seen BO in over 3 years, but looking at that picture of him sooo happy after a hike, is the way I will remember him always.


Elaine said...

Bowman was our Granddog and he was a granddog we loved him. He will be missed by Don, Mel and all his friends and family. Love Mom and Dad