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Hermann Hesse

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Puppies have Landed!

Today three of our five Pembroke rescue puppies, and their mother, Reba, got on airplanes and flew to their new homes. Now Reba is in Georgia, Weylan (now "Owen") is in Rhode Island, Patsy is in Iowa, and Cash is in Colorado! Sister Shania (now Maizy) stayed in local territory in Minnesota.

The foster mom and I had the pleasure of hearing from all of the excited new adoptive families, shortly after their respective dog arrived. They all did well, traveled easily and were adapting with the incredible ease that we typically see from these corgis when they change home situations. Everyone has promised to send updates and photos and we can't wait to see/hear how they all do in their new homes.

Upon arrival we understand that Patsy quickly convinced her new corgi brother to start frapping - game on! Cash didn't wait to chow down and ate a good meal without delay. He had his new parents laughing at his efforts to convince his new corgi sister to play. She'll catch on by tomorrow! Weylan (now called "Owen") was happily playing with the new toy squeaky mouse that he got on the way home from the airport and gave his new mom plenty of kisses upon arrival. And Reba was described as "the sweetest girl." She rode home, leaning against her new best friend, a teenager who has already fallen in love with her!

This is a photo of Shania/Maizy, taken shortly after her arrival in her new home. Although the exposure is a little dark, there can be no mistaking the gleam in her eye, or the happiness displayed by that huge smile! She's HOME!

After the many hours of screening, and all of the time and energy given by a devoted foster mom, the efforts really paid off. These dogs each went to an absolutely marvelous home. We couldn't be more pleased and happy for them. We know that Willie's new family will find him soon. In the meantime, he just gets sweeter and sweeter!

Congratulations, and thanks, to everyone!

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