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Dedicated to Bart, who had the Most Beautiful Tail

"It's very simple. Dogs and cats and other talented animals have tails; their tails, with their thousands of flourishes, provide them with a wonderfully complex language of arabesques, not only for what they think and feel and suffer, but for every mood and vibration in their feeling tone. We have no tails, and since the more lively among us need some form of expression, we make ourselves paintbrushes and pianos and violins..."

Hermann Hesse

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Charlie - It's only Rock 'n Roll, but I Like it!

If ever there was a Man who loved to Rock 'n Roll, it's CHARLIE!

Remember when we said we'd be learning more about our four Cast Aways and their musical tastes? Well, this is the hard-core rocker, right here! Clearly his collection of Metallica is intact - even though he's not any longer!

Charlie is the Classic Teenage Boy: He's about 2 years old, at the most, so think "17-year-old boy, with a bit of A.D.H.D. (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) going on." He thinks he is the top of the heap, but it only takes a real Pembroke Princess to call his bluff!

What does this mean to a potential owner? It means that you'll see an incredibly active, enthusiastic, outgoing personality, and a Big Smile 24/7! This is an energetic, happy little dog, ready for any activity you can dish out. He'd be an excellent agility prospect, if you're so inclined.

Because he's a young, active dog, it is critically important that Charlie find a home with a corgi-experienced owner; someone who has the knowledge to train and socialize him properly. This boy would benefit from basic obedience training, but most importantly, he absolutely MUST have a home in which he clearly understands that YOU are Pack Leader. He is actually an Alpha-Wanna-Be and not difficult to correct, when you understand his game plan. He will do what any strong-willed Corgi is best at: He will TEST...again, and again, and again!

This little fellow is actually a Bundle of Fun. We've been extremely amused by him and he'd be very happy with a female canine companion in the household. Because he thinks pretty highly of himself, it would be best for him to be the only male dog.

If you want a dog that Loves to Rock 'n Roll...this is your guy! We will be officially posting him for adoption on the website very soon and will be screening applications. Charlie is ready for his new home, and very excited to find it!

If you're looking for a dog with Personality, Plus - look no further! The pictures tell the story (see below):

Am I not the cutest little fellow you've ever seen?

Hey There, check me out! This is my Best Side!

Sometimes I could just HOWL, life is such a kick!

Oh, all these rules and restrictions! 
They're just meant to be tested, I say!

Mick's my Hero...Sticky Fingers got nothin' on me!

OK, sorry if I scared you with the tongue thing...I'm really a pretty nice little guy!

I am SO ready to come Home...can I, can I...when? 
Just say the word and I'm There!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kelly - The Penultimate Pembroke

Kelly is...well, just a nice little fellow!

Time for more about Kelly: He is the easiest one of the four Cast Away Boys because he is what every little Pembroke Welsh Corgi ought to be. He is sweet, friendly, happy, playful, smart, and just plain cute! 

He knows his place in the pack and isn't overly dominant or submissive, but a nice medium temperament. Getting along with all people and other dogs is one of his specialties. Here are a few pictures of him with our new girl, Gerry Berry. They had quite a nice time together, as you'll see.

Isn't she just the prettiest thing...and she's talking to me! Wow!

You're really sweet! Wanna wear my hat?

You're a pretty handsome fella Kelly! 
We look Good together!

I just LOVE going out on the town!

Make a Cute Face...You want a pose, how's this?

We continue to be really pleased with how well the Cast Aways are coming along. In fact, we were so impressed with Kelly's progress, that when he asked us to find him a new home....we did! 

That's right! Kelly is our lucky winner: The first to find his new home from among some of the applicants who've expressed interest in these dogs. Kelly will be traveling to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he will live with his new mom and a nice canine sister! 

We couldn't be more pleased for him! Congratulations Kelly! We will miss you and wish you a long and happy life!

Next up: Charlie - our little Wild Man!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

ForPaws Helps Corgi-Mixes Too!

One of the nicest corgi-mixed breeds is the Corgi-Golden Retriever. This is Summer, a mix we helped connect with a foster home. Summer will be going to her new "forever home" tomorrow! A very BIG Day for her!

The Corgi-Golden is usually a REALLY pretty dog. 
Summer is no exception!

Summer is also a playful girl and has had a blast 
in her foster home!

 Corgis love toys...Summer's got a favorite here.

What did you say...a REAL home for me...really!

Oh my Gosh...I'm going home tomorrow!  I couldn't be happier!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Stay Tuned - Cast Away Personality Profiles Coming Soon!

We're all a LOT happier now that we've been with our foster mom for a month. She knows quite a bit more about us too.  

Look for our personality profiles 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pack your Bags Ozzy! You're on Your Way to Colorado!

Time to get in a few last swimming sessions with the other kids in the 'hood before he heads to Colorado. 

That's right - Ozzy has a new HOME!

More Summer Olympics buzz here: Ozzy's new home materialized in World Record time! Sometimes dogs wait many weeks for the "right one" to come along. Ozzy, you're definitely "Golden." Not only did your new people find you quickly, but they couldn't be more perfect! Ozzy got a "Perfect 10" with this adoption!

And, just like Michael Phelps, this little pool star knows that "perfect smile" cinches your placement on the Front Page. Look at him, just workin' that camera!

Saying goodbye to old friends is always tough. 
Promise you'll e-mail me...I know you can reach the keyboard with those little cat feet!

Congratulations to Ozzy's new family. 
And thank you for taking the extra time to research Corgi Rescue. What a positive difference you've made in this fellow's life!

So you think this is Your Dog?

Numerous folks have indicated interest in adopting the corgis we've been telling you about here in the blog. This blog is actually an extension of our ForPaws Corgi Rescue website, which is where available dogs are posted. 

It is also the home of our LEARN MORE section - the most important part of the ForPaws Corgi Rescue website. Anyone interested in adoption, should make it a point to first visit our Learn More section, There we tell you all about this breed and just what it takes to be "owned by a corgi." 

Corgis are the smallest dogs in the herding dog family. They are smart, happy, affectionate and "driven" little dogs. They are generally "Type A" personalities. They are wonderful in the right home and can be a "nightmare" in the wrong home. Ensuring a fit is crucial, which is why we encourage anyone interested in this breed to RESEARCH IT FIRST!

We always thoroughly evaluate our foster dogs before we consider making them available for placement. At that time they are posted on our ForPaws Corgi Rescue website,

In order to be considered for adoption you must submit an application via the website. We screen all applicants carefully and only place a dog when there is a good match between dog and owners. We look at your lifestyle and consider whether it matches the personality and needs of the particular dog. 

We also talk to you about the temperaments of any existing pets in your home. If you have a very dominant dog, and the dog we have available is also a dominant member in the pack order, clearly this is not a good match. 

Bottom line: There is a LOT more to adopting a rescue dog than falling in love with a pretty face - though this certainly is part of it! 

Thanks to everyone who has been following our Tails...or not...we appreciate your interest!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Live...from Minnesota - Corgi Summer Olympics!!!

New World Records set by Competitors without Tails!!

Updated events have just been filed by the CPI (Corgi Press International) from Minnesota where the Corgi Summer Olympics are taking place this year. Senior Correspondent, K.D., reports on the action:

Charlie has been practicing running laps and I told him it paid off!  He won a SILVER Medal for his "SPEED" and ability to "LEAP" straight in the air and land on the other side of the finish line, without breaking stride.  He also is quite talented at kicking up a lot of dust to throw off the competition!

Wilson has perfected the NEW swimming stroke that is done on land.  Have you all heard of this one?  It is an incredible new event called "Alligator Man"?  The dog is jumping up and down with his front legs and bowing at the same time while his mouth is snapping and he makes a little growling sound. Well, our own Mr Wilson seems to be quite a natural "alligator man".  You should see him in action!   The unbelievable movement landed him a SILVER MEDAL. We will see this guy again in 2012, and you better believe he's going for the Gold (Did somebody say Solid Gold...where's the food?)

Kelly (Hey Gene Kelly look out! You aren't the only one that can dance!) Kelly won a SILVER Medal in FLOOR Exercises with his incredible "Foot work,"  complete with verbal expressions! The judge was quite impressed with this talented "Young" (in fact the youngest in the field) competitor. This one has a brilliant future ahead and we'll be looking for him again in 2012!

Nolan competed in a very special class where most dogs could not enter.  It is a most special class and he excelled.   It was called the "HEART" contest.  No one else even came close.  This "Little Man" touched the judge's hearts and it was clearly visible by the tears in her eyes.   The amazing depth to this little guy is staggering.  Needless to say, he didn't have to stagger to the top of the platform, but hopped up with ease to accept his GOLD MEDAL! Nolan, you're our Hero!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Brand New "Flavor" Joins the Group - Meet Gerry Berry!

Meet Miss Gerry. Formally known as Gerry Berry, you know like the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavors! She is our latest girl to enter rescue, joining the Cast Aways in Minnesota. 

Gerry was a brood bitch for a backyard breeder, who placed her in a pet home about a year ago. Unfortunately, that placement couldn't have been more wrong - for the dog or the owners. This is a dog that likes a fairly calm, peaceful environment, is a bit of a Pembroke Princess, and enjoys her routine. That routine definitely does NOT include four active young children and owners that had never had a corgi before and knew nothing about herding dogs ! Ouch....wrong fit, big time!

In her former home she got way too much to eat. This is common with inexperienced owners. How many times have we heard, "Well she looked so hungry!" Those of you who are now chuckling know that...of course she looked hungry! Nobody does it better than a CORGI. These guys are just Dustbusters on four little legs - sucking up every organic molecule in their path.

So now when you see this 38lb girl licking her lips, be sure that she is enjoying her Weight Watcher's special diet, complete with pumpkin and green bean supplements! This IS a really beautiful little black-headed tri-color Pem. When she gets her waistline back she is going to be simply stunning. You can already see how gorgeous her coat is and what a pretty face she has!

Like any Pembroke Princess, this one has already made it clear that she prefers the Five Star amenities to roughing it with the camp stove. She's managed to get her foster mom to provide a special bed and a lovely private run. After the rather stressful time she was having in her former home, this little lady deserves a bit of the Spa Treatment...and that is just what she will get for a bit while she decompresses and learns that K.D. is someone she can trust and rely upon.

Gerry did she get that name? Ha! There is a story: One her way home with Gerry, K.D. called me. She told me that Gerry was a lot heavier than we'd thought and really needed a diet. K.D. said, "She's a Chunk. She's a Chunky Bear!" 

Well, the moment she said Chunky, my ice cream lover's brain infilled "monkey." You know Chunky Monkey, one of my favorite Ben and Jerry's flavors. I said, "Ok, we can call her Gerry." (meaning Jerry, as in Ben and Jerry's). K.D. said, Yes, Gerry...Gerry Berry, that's what I'll call her.  And just like that, a new flavor was coined!

So, give a warm welcome to Miss Gerry Berry - our Featured Flavor of the Month!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Better Time for Nolan

Nolan's first venture into the big world of social situations verified our observations regarding his status as the "shyest" of the four. He was clearly uncomfortable and not yet interested in meeting strangers. He wasn't nearly as happy to be the center of attention as say....Charlie!

So we thought we'd give Nolan a little morale boost by letting him run around a bit with his new little friend, Ghillie. Typically the presence of another non-threatening corgi does wonders for a dog like Nolan. And sure enough, Ghillie really brought him out of his shell. 

Things started out in a low key fashion with a little relaxation 
next to a gorgeous bed of summer flowers.

But Ghillie was ready to explore, 
so Nolan decided to follow along.

OK,'re not the only corgi who can run fast 
on those short little legs!

Whew! You've had a little more practice with the fast running 
than I have.  Let's stop & catch a breath.

There's always good stuff to sniff here Nolan - check it out! first's really nice - can we do it again?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lookout Michael Phelps...Ozzy's in the Pool!

While he may not bring home an Olympic medal, Ozzy is no slouch in the swimming pool! This little fellow has been recuperating with his foster mom in Wichita, KS and now he's ready for Prime Time - to the "right" corgi-experienced home.*

Ozzy came to rescue when his former owner couldn't afford to finance the surgery he needed to repair a broken right front leg. Following successful surgery**, he's been in foster care where he was treated to swimming as part of his recuperative therapy - and he LOVES it!

Born in September 2007, this little guy is currently a "teenager" in dog years...and it shows! He is an active boy needing a new owner who understands how to effectively continue the good work he's had in foster care by guiding the typical teenage dare devil to a position of "well-behaved young man" in his adult years. We are definitely looking for a corgi-experienced person here! (And if you have a place for Ozzy to swim...all the better!)*

* ADOPTION INFO: We will be posting this little man for adoption on our ForPaws Corgi Rescue website shortly. See for his listing.  **Important Note: Ozzy currently has pins in his leg. These may need to be removed at some future point if they shift as he continues to develop. Anyone considering this dog for adoption needs to be able to provide for this eventuality.

Like any experienced swimmer, Ozzy knows it pays to check the water temperature before diving in.

But once you're in the is pure Heaven! Especially if you have friends in with you.

One of the best parts of a good swim is relaxing on the chaise lounge afterward.

You can really work up a corgi-sized appetite in the pool too!

Did someone say "dinner?" OKay, I'm there!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What a Little Time (and Socialization) Can Do!

This pretty girl, Molly, is a real testament to what a bit of time, patience and socialization can do. Molly lived in an apartment with an elderly couple for the first 1.5 years of her life. She was walked several times each day, but they didn't really understand the needs of a corgi and she missed out on a lot when she was a puppy and a young teenager.

Molly was surrendered into rescue in January 2007.  She was seriously under-socialized. She was shy, had never experienced many of the sights, sounds, smells and other creatures in the world. After six months in foster care and a careful regimen of ever-increasing challenges, we thought she might be ready, if a truly exceptional home came along. Her new owner would have to be unusually well-versed in herding breed behaviors and understand just how much time and patience it would take for Molly to continue to develop into the confident Pembroke Princess she was meant to become.

Our wish came true and that exceptional home materialized for Molly. Today she lives in Ontario Canada, where she has become Queen Bee, as you'll see in these photos. Her new people quickly realized that this is a very smart little dog. She'll be starting her competitive obedience training shortly and we won't be surprised to see her testing her agility skills down the line!

For those of us who knew Molly from the beginning, there is a profound difference in her carriage and demeanor here from the shy, skittish girl she was upon arrival in rescue. This dog owns the doubt about it!

Seeing just how happy and confident Molly is today gives us inspiration for our Cast Aways. They all have so much potential and we know that each one will end up being King of his own Castle one of these days! For some it takes longer than others, but the wait is always worth it!  Sally and Allen, thank you for what you've done for Molly. These are the true Gifts of rescue!

Nolan - The Last to Venture Out

Our shy boy, Nolan, made his debut in the Outside World today. As expected, he was not as outgoing as his three comrades. He was more comfortable keeping to himself and not interested in socializing with his foster mom's friends. (Thanks to Katie and Pat for their kindness in working with Nolan!) Much of the time he wanted to hide behind his foster mom, with whom he has developed a strong bond. He is the "velcro" in the group.

Actually this type of behavior and level of confidence is what we'd anticipated from all four, given their lack of exposure to the world. In many ways Nolan is more willing and curious than we'd expected these dogs to be, but he requires more reassurance than the others. He was interested in examining the landscape as he walked around the block, but wasn't interested in people. 

Nolan was less-than-thrilled at the idea of approaching a stranger, but wasn't nearly as fearful as many puppy mill dogs can be at this stage.

He did submit to being held, but wasn't crazy about the idea.

But when Nolan got back to his foster home, he was introduced to K.D.'s little rescue girl, Ghillie.  He was MUCH more interested in her!

Miss Ghillie... Isn't she a looker?

Here's what K.D. had to say about Nolan's introduction to Ghillie:

"Ghillie stuck her nose thru the fence to sniff him. She sat down next to the fence and gave him her entire side so he could sniff her and she did not look into his eyes but rather gave the - approachable side - it is okay to sniff me thing.  Nolan wagged, Ghillie wagged and they exchanged some communications." *

*Interesting fact: Ghillie was also a puppy mill rescue. She was far less confident and well-socialized than Nolan is today when K.D. adopted her. She has blossomed with the patience and excellent care she's been given. Today this lovely girl is a Registered Therapy Dog and has just achieved her Canine Good Citizen certification! She's a great role model and it seems that Nolan has noticed!

But his FAVORITE girl still seems to be K.D. for right now. She said:

"Nolan now jumps up on me to be picked up or he lays down and rolls on his back with his feet in the air and looks at me.  RUB my belly!! So I held him for a good 20 minutes.  He never tried to get down."