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Hermann Hesse

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What a Little Time (and Socialization) Can Do!

This pretty girl, Molly, is a real testament to what a bit of time, patience and socialization can do. Molly lived in an apartment with an elderly couple for the first 1.5 years of her life. She was walked several times each day, but they didn't really understand the needs of a corgi and she missed out on a lot when she was a puppy and a young teenager.

Molly was surrendered into rescue in January 2007.  She was seriously under-socialized. She was shy, had never experienced many of the sights, sounds, smells and other creatures in the world. After six months in foster care and a careful regimen of ever-increasing challenges, we thought she might be ready, if a truly exceptional home came along. Her new owner would have to be unusually well-versed in herding breed behaviors and understand just how much time and patience it would take for Molly to continue to develop into the confident Pembroke Princess she was meant to become.

Our wish came true and that exceptional home materialized for Molly. Today she lives in Ontario Canada, where she has become Queen Bee, as you'll see in these photos. Her new people quickly realized that this is a very smart little dog. She'll be starting her competitive obedience training shortly and we won't be surprised to see her testing her agility skills down the line!

For those of us who knew Molly from the beginning, there is a profound difference in her carriage and demeanor here from the shy, skittish girl she was upon arrival in rescue. This dog owns the doubt about it!

Seeing just how happy and confident Molly is today gives us inspiration for our Cast Aways. They all have so much potential and we know that each one will end up being King of his own Castle one of these days! For some it takes longer than others, but the wait is always worth it!  Sally and Allen, thank you for what you've done for Molly. These are the true Gifts of rescue!

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