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Hermann Hesse

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kelly - The Penultimate Pembroke

Kelly is...well, just a nice little fellow!

Time for more about Kelly: He is the easiest one of the four Cast Away Boys because he is what every little Pembroke Welsh Corgi ought to be. He is sweet, friendly, happy, playful, smart, and just plain cute! 

He knows his place in the pack and isn't overly dominant or submissive, but a nice medium temperament. Getting along with all people and other dogs is one of his specialties. Here are a few pictures of him with our new girl, Gerry Berry. They had quite a nice time together, as you'll see.

Isn't she just the prettiest thing...and she's talking to me! Wow!

You're really sweet! Wanna wear my hat?

You're a pretty handsome fella Kelly! 
We look Good together!

I just LOVE going out on the town!

Make a Cute Face...You want a pose, how's this?

We continue to be really pleased with how well the Cast Aways are coming along. In fact, we were so impressed with Kelly's progress, that when he asked us to find him a new home....we did! 

That's right! Kelly is our lucky winner: The first to find his new home from among some of the applicants who've expressed interest in these dogs. Kelly will be traveling to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he will live with his new mom and a nice canine sister! 

We couldn't be more pleased for him! Congratulations Kelly! We will miss you and wish you a long and happy life!

Next up: Charlie - our little Wild Man!


Judi said...

Kelly's got a floppy ear just like my Charlie- too cute! Love the pictures & great captions too! Congrats to Kelly on his new home!

Jus' Me - Lisa P. said...

Hi, I'm Lisa and will be one of Kelly's new Pet care team. I own De-PAW-ture Luv in Santa Fe, NM and hope to meet Kelly when he and his new SISTER-Emma come to stay with us while Kimberly - their mother goes on a short trip!!
Kelly you are coming into alot of LOVE!! Ya Better be ready!!
Hope to see you soon!!
Hugz & Licks, Jus' Me - Lisa P.
De-PAW-ture Luv
We will luv your babies when you have to be away!!
Your Total Pet Care Team

Elbeepem said...

Thanks for the comments. This is a REALLY nice little dog and it is great to know that you'll be looking out for him in his new home Lisa!

katie4444 said...

another lucky dog has been placed by ForPaws into a forever home. Emma you are one lucky girl to have found such a "cute" and sweet younger brother. May you two along with your MOM have a long life together