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"It's very simple. Dogs and cats and other talented animals have tails; their tails, with their thousands of flourishes, provide them with a wonderfully complex language of arabesques, not only for what they think and feel and suffer, but for every mood and vibration in their feeling tone. We have no tails, and since the more lively among us need some form of expression, we make ourselves paintbrushes and pianos and violins..."

Hermann Hesse

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rally Novice Title! (And a Blue Ribbon!)

An awesome day for Denali! She was a little gem in the ring!

(Unfortunately the person taking pictures was using my camera and didn't know how to turn off the flash, so we got really poor photos. Most were too dark, and this one makes it look like I sat in chalk dust...very odd!)

Today we had a judge who was a stickler for a tight leash. She even made a point of announcing that fact just before our class showed. And, the course had a lot of right turns - just the place where Denali lags and pulls the leash!

But today, she did a fantastic job! As we left the ring, other exhibitors on all sides were saying "That was beautiful," and "I think you got 100!"

There were only two dogs showing after us, and I was still talking to people who were admiring Denali when one of my obedience club friends rushed up exclaiming, "You won!" As she did yesterday, Denali smiled and looked disgustingly adorable to her admiring public, soaking up the compliments (and the liver treats).

The tight leash was a factor, costing us one point, but no one had a perfect score. So, with a score of 99, Denali finished in the Blue Ribbon spot today. Whoohooo!!

AND, this was her third leg, so she earned her Rally Novice title.

She's now officially:
C-Myste Denali, RN, CGC

(Looks like another title holder for the C-Myste "Parade" Carolyn!)

And many thanks to Denali's brother, 'Kota, who sent good luck wishes for today. I am sure they made a difference! Hugs to you 'Kota!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Today's Rally Competition

There is a cluster dog show taking place near us, in San Mateo, CA this weekend. It runs through Wednesday, with opportunities for multiple Rally legs for us! Unfortunately, we weren't eligible for yesterday's competition because our trainer was the judge. But I did go to scope out the facility and the competition - and there was a lot of it!

Today, Denali and I were ready to take on a stiff field of competitors. There were over 20 dogs in our Novice A class. Unless you scored in the very high 90's there was no chance for a ribbon.

Until the very last dog showed, we held onto second place, with our score of 97. Only one outscored us, with a total of 99 points. Then came that last dog; a lovely German Shepherd who truly deserved the perfect 100 score - beautiful to watch!

As it happened, there were two 97 scores and we captured the yellow ribbon by finishing our run two seconds faster than the other entry! Wow...lots of very nice dogs. We will see them all again tomorrow and hopefully that will be our third leg, and Denali's RN title!

Truthfully, even better than getting the second leg was the experience of leaving the ring today. As we were going back through the crowd, a number of other exhibitors, who had just seen us run the course, stopped me to say what a beautiful, and nicely trained dog I have! Denali put on her best smile and was declared "so cute" by multiple admirers. One commented that she was "so attentive" in the ring.

Regardless of points and ribbons, the obedience training and experience of attending matches and trials has really improved Denali's socialization and confidence. She has matured into a really nice companion that I can take anywhere, and a nice model for the breed. I was so proud to be able to say that this beautiful dog is mine!

We had fun today, and tomorrow we'll do the same!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gypsy - a REALLY Nice Rescue Girl!!

Typically I get a fair amount of mail from people who want to alert ForPaws Corgi Rescue to a corgi, or corgi mix, in a shelter that doesn't have much time and needs urgent help. But earlier this week I received six messages in twenty-four hours, four from people who've never written to me before, about a nice female Pembroke in a high kill shelter in Modesto, CA . It seemed as if everyone in northern California was suddenly lobbying for this dog!

"Gypsy" had been there for thirty days and was almost out of time. Her owner had lost his home and had to surrender her. One easy phone call to the shelter and she was rescued. I wish I'd known about her sooner!

When we arrived to pick her up, this sweet girl greeted us with kisses. A sweeter, more well-behaved dog I've never seen. She is amazing! She was a little nervous about leaving with new people, but traveled easily in the car, allowing us to pop her in a crate without issue.

Because she'd been in the shelter for so long, she really smelled bad! And she was visibly extremely dirty. Typically we don't stress a dog during the first few days by attempting to bathe it, but there wasn't a choice in this case.

On the way home we stopped at Pet Food Express, where Gypsy spent an hour in the self-service bath tub. Two shampoos later, this gorgeous dog emerged from what had been a dull, brown mat of thick fur. She was incredibly well-behaved with everyone she met. In no time she had the staff at the store fawning over her. She charmed everyone and was in her element sitting in Gina's lap receiving attention and treats.

She is quite overweight and will be on a diet, starting immediately. But its easy to see how beautiful she'll be when she's dropped some excess pounds.

This was definitely Gypsy's lucky day! She will spend a little time in foster care, getting back in shape, and early in 2010 she will find that perfect forever home. Someone is going to be totally thrilled with this lovely girl!

Happy New Year Gypsy - 2010 is going to be a great year!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Help (or not)!

This morning, as I was frantically wrapping last-minute gifts at my gift-wrapping station, a.k.a. the dining room table, I heard the unmistakable sound of shredding paper behind me.

No real surprise to find that the source of the noise was this little canine thief who had snagged one of my scraps and was finding it quite entertaining.

Why give gifts when the paper is so much fun?

Does it always come in rolls like this? I bet I can fix that!

I like the crackly noise it makes too!

Christmas is SO much fun!

But it's also a LOT of work. I need a nap now after all that gift wrapping assistance.

BTW, did you know that my collar has little snow men on it? We all got holiday collars for Christmas. Mine is the best with the snow men. Denali's has candy canes and Elbee's has snowflakes.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Home for the Holidays!

Every year there are those rescue dogs that get the Best Gift of All...a new Home for the Holidays - and forever! This year it's Mario's turn!

This sweet boy has waited awhile, but it was well worth it. Between Christmas and New Year's he will make the trip to his new family; two lovely people who've had corgis in their hearts for a long time!

Congratulations Mario!

You're going to be very,
very happy!

We wish you a wonderful new life!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa & the Corgis

Every year one of the dedicated rescuers, who has worked with ForPaws Corgi Rescue to foster and place so many wonderful corgis over the years, takes ALL of the corgis in her house to see Santa! Some are her own, others are foster dogs, hoping for a home for the holidays!

Here is this year's photo!

Thanks for all you do Denise!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Toxic Mushroom Warning! (Death Caps are Blooming)

A warning regarding Amanita phalloides commonly known as "death cap" mushrooms, and their extremely toxic effects, appeared on a fellow Cardi Lover's blog (thanks Jean). I thought it was important enough to repeat.

We see these in N. California after it rains each year at this time. I found them in my yard today - and immediately picked them so my dogs wouldn't!

Every year people die when they pick these and eat them, thinking they're the same as those they purchase at the grocery store. They are NOT!

For anyone with pets, or young children, this is especially important! See the link below:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Afternoon Sky Over the Pacific

Today's storm brought a lot of rain, with brief glimpses of blue sky. These clouds are headed West to make snow for many of you! This is the view from my second story windows.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's an Early Christmas for Denali

For awhile now I've been wanting a bar jump to aid Denali's Rally training. I drive a VW Beetle, so storing the jump in my car all the time isn't practical, and I didn't want a bunch of PVC pieces to load and unload.

Then the rally instructor showed me this!

It is a really cool bar jump in which everything folds together and the bar clips to the rest of the jump. Easy to carry, store, and load...with one hand!

It arrived yesterday and today we took it outside to check it out...just before the next big rains are due. I love it. It sets up and breaks down in about ten seconds....very cool!

Getting one of those incredible mid-flight jump photos is a lot harder than I thought...but you get the idea! Since it was only about 45 degrees in the air, which means about 35 on the ground, I took pity on her after she'd jumped about ten times while I attempted to get my point-and-shoot camera to actually take the photo when I pressed the button!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - Unless you're Taking Photos

At this time of year the sun comes in and shines on the bottom steps at mid-day. Perfect spot for a dog to take a nice, warm nap.

Two sleepy dogs, caught snoozing.

Naturally, Moe has to get involved, which means that Sage has to come to check out the camera gear - and clean the lens!

Smile Sage I do not have food!

I'll give you a nice chest rub though.

Hmmm...spare crumbs in the pocket? Let's check!

Time to go back to sleep.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Rescue PupDate: First year for Millie!

PupDate: "Millie," adopted from ForPaws Corgi Rescue in 2008, is celebrating her first year in her new home. This dog has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season!

Isn't she a pretty lady!

With "Reggie," her B.F.F.

Reggie, a corgi/ACD mix, is happy to share his bed with Millie.
They're great playmates!

Happy Holidays to Millie and her family!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just Give me the Busy One!


In 1996 when I first started looking for my first Cardigan Welsh Corgi to adopt, I knew exactly what I was going to get...a beautiful black and white female Cardi, about 2-3 years old...NOT!

After doing some research I found out that Cardigan Welsh Corgis were pretty rare in the San Francisco Bay Area. Actually, they were completely non-existent in rescue, nor were there any breeders in this part of California.

So I ended up adopting my heart dog, Bart, a mostly-black Corgi-Aussie mix, male, age five years. Bart was an absolute wild training, no manners, some behavioral issues - definitely NOT a novice dog! And he was SO smart. He needed mental stimulation, and a job to do. He was a serious dog and he was always on-the-job as alpha dog...a very busy fellow!

Next year, I found my Cardi female. Kenai's standard speed was 90+mph! She was happy, bouncy, and definitely had doggie A.D.D! She never walked anywhere, always ran! Always jumping, always smiling, always looking for a new way to play. AFTER we got her, only then did Carol tell me that Kenai was "The Busiest One in the Litter." Well...duh! OK, busy dog #2!

And then...along came Denali. Arriving at age 12 weeks, our first puppy. It was just plain scary how very similar Denali's personality was to her Aunt Kenai. As a teen ager, Denali was manic - a complete Wild Woman. Fortunately by that time, we also had our little Pembroke, Elbee, a rescue who wasn't supposed to be our dog, but who did add a calming influence! It took Bart and Elbee to even begin to occupy Denali!

Today, at age six, Denali still thinks she's a puppy and has only just started to grow up, now that she has assumed Pack Leader status and has a real puppy (Sage) of her own to look after. Another very busy little girl.

So when Carolyn offered us the "little cream boy," last year, I really should have known that he too would be one of the "busiest in the litter." This past weekend, while visiting at the Ranch in Napa, it was once again apparent that we have the puppy who just never seems to slow down. One by one, the other dogs all showed signs of being ready to rest, but not Sage. Late in the afternoon, he was still goading his two littermates and leading a raucous frap about the house!

So, now that we've had three Cardis and a Cardi mix, I've finally figured out that it isn't about whether I think I want a black dog, a white dog, a cream dog, a dog with manners.... No, now I know that the next time I'm looking for a Cardi, I'll just ask for The Busy One! (And I wouldn't have it any other way!)

Aren't they a great pair!

Tongues on display after a major frap session around the yard.

Sage, still ready to romp!


Posing for, they're really eyeing the squirrels!

They knew they were to "stay" for the picture, but there were squirrels in both directions that really needed chasing!

Breeder Located for the Michigan Rescue Cardi

This morning there was a lot of E-mail traffic concerning this dog, a male Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy that is with a rescue organization in Michigan. Since he's a very young dog, there was hope of locating his breeder, and that has taken place!

The breeder of this dog HAS been identified!


This black and white Cardigan puppy is in rescue in Holland, Michigan. According to the PetFinder listing (link below), it was born April 10, 2009, however a lot of the message traffic gives the DoB as March 10. I think the messages are incorrect. See link below for photos and information.

PetFinder Link


Headin' Home Pet Rescue, Inc.
Holland, MI