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"It's very simple. Dogs and cats and other talented animals have tails; their tails, with their thousands of flourishes, provide them with a wonderfully complex language of arabesques, not only for what they think and feel and suffer, but for every mood and vibration in their feeling tone. We have no tails, and since the more lively among us need some form of expression, we make ourselves paintbrushes and pianos and violins..."

Hermann Hesse

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Home for the Holidays!

Every year there are those rescue dogs that get the Best Gift of All...a new Home for the Holidays - and forever! This year it's Mario's turn!

This sweet boy has waited awhile, but it was well worth it. Between Christmas and New Year's he will make the trip to his new family; two lovely people who've had corgis in their hearts for a long time!

Congratulations Mario!

You're going to be very,
very happy!

We wish you a wonderful new life!

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