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Dedicated to Bart, who had the Most Beautiful Tail

"It's very simple. Dogs and cats and other talented animals have tails; their tails, with their thousands of flourishes, provide them with a wonderfully complex language of arabesques, not only for what they think and feel and suffer, but for every mood and vibration in their feeling tone. We have no tails, and since the more lively among us need some form of expression, we make ourselves paintbrushes and pianos and violins..."

Hermann Hesse

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rorschach Print?

What do you see in this abstract print?

How about this one?

If you said, "Two dogs playing," the therapist would let you off the couch.
Otherwise...well, maybe it's risky to allow you unrestricted access to the World at Large!

Here's how we started our morning today... pretty much like most mornings.

Can you say Drama Queen!

By now Denali should know that "playing dead" doesn't encourage Sage to leave her alone. Especially when her eyes are wide open! Sometimes it isn't exactly clear just who the real "puppy" is here!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sage's Call Name Pedigree

Here's Sage's Call Name Pedigree which applies to the Tree Litter (10/21/09). I will be preparing one for each of Sage's parents too.

(If any of the littermates would like one, please send me your dog's registered name & call name via e-mail ( and I'll make you a .pdf)

Click to enlarge

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tree Litter - Call Name Pedigree 10/21/08

I've been working on a Call Name Pedigree for the C-Myste, Baledwr, Starrynights "Tree" Litter (10/21/08). I am missing only one call name. Can anyone fill in the call name for Shadowalk Vashon Jettsetter, ROMb?

My scribbles are below, if you want to see the rest. I'll make it "pretty" when I've got everyone. I am also working on Wally and Hannah's Call Name Pedigrees and will ask some questions on those when I'm sure I've exhausted my search on the Web for the missing names. (I have also taken everything that pertains from Penni's research - thanks Penni!)

Click on pedigree to enlarge

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dog at Work

This morning I tried to take a picture of Sage, sitting at my desk, so I could submit him for the Dogs at Work photo contest. Since I work from home, he is "at work" with me every day! I'm not sure that any of these are really contest-worthy, but he sure looks cute in my chair!

As with most of us, upon arrival at work, he's a little sleepy and not sure he really wants to be there.

But he looks a bit more awake after having had his morning coffee.
(Naturally, his mug has little dogs on it.)

Ugg...same old project. Don't we have something new to work on?

Check it out! I can use the Internet when she's not looking!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Each Day is a Gift

This is Elissa, with her Tibetan Terrier puppy, Jetsun. Just five months old, Jetsun is a product of Elissa's first breeding attempt, using her adult girl, Lotus. Lotus produced three pretty puppies. Elissa wasn't planning to keep any of them...we all know that story!

Two weeks ago today, I met Jetsun for the first time. She was introduced at our monthly dog club meeting. Elissa's dog, Lotus, trains with Denali in the Show Novice class. Interestingly, the two girls seem to really like each other, and they're about the same size, so we often pair up for class exercises. Lotus is clearly a well-loved dog, sweet and beautifully-trained.

At the Club meeting Elissa introduced Jetsun. She started to talk about her attempts to place Jetsun and why it didn't work, and she ended up keeping her. As she talked, her words became garbled, and at a point, she really wasn't making much sense. I realized that I'd stopped listening to what she was saying, but was simply looking at her face and seeing a woman holding a Heart Dog. It was so evident that Jetsun wasn't meant for anyone else. This was a bond that had happened virtually immediately, not to be broken.

But this morning I received some terrible news from Elissa. This past Sunday, Father's Day, she had to euthanize Jetsun. Her Heart Puppy had a rare congenital kidney condition and had gone into complete renal failure. There was nothing that could be done.

There were symptoms early on, but they were overlooked by the vet, due to the dog's young age. When tests showed severe renal failure on Saturday, the vet was amazed that Jetsun was still alive. Based on the results, she should not have been.

But a bonded dog, doesn't let go easily. By rights, this should have been discovered within the first couple months. Jetsun has been living on borrowed time for quite awhile. There is no question that Elissa's strong connection gave this puppy a few extra months and a tiny bit of a real life before it was time to go.

Jetsun left this world resting in Elissa's arms, comfortably at home. She was able to find a vet kind enough to make a house call on Sunday.

As you might imagine, Elissa is in shock, and completely devastated. Any and all prayers and good thoughts for her, and her sweet puppy, now on the other side of the Bridge, are welcome.

Rest well Jetsun! Every Day was a Gift!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

60 Seconds of Sage

While Sage was helping me garden, I took this series of photos. All of them, with exception of the first, were taken in about 60 seconds. I just held the camera in the same position and kept shooting while animated puppy did the rest. Interesting just how many expressions you can capture in only a minute!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gardening with Sage

Hi ya!

I'm Sage!

I was a big help out in the garden today, so I thought I'd share some pictures with you to prove it!

See those pretty orange impatiens behind me? Kathy planted those. What did I do? Well, while she planted I kept trying to eat the little plastic flower containers.

I just love flowers. They're so pretty - and delicious!

I find that accessing potted flowers is often easier. I can put my paws on the edge of the pot for a better view, and easy picking.

Isn't this a stunning Zinnia? Look closely and you'll see some white dog hair on the upper, right edge. How did that get there?

OK, truth be told, Kathy planted this, watered it, turned her back and I thought it looked too tasty to pass up. I had the whole flower in my mouth when I heard, "Sage - NO!" By now I know she means business when she says that, so I just gave the flower a little readjustment, but I didn't pick it, per my original plan!

It still looks just fine to me, but Kathy pointed out that Zinnias are typically perky little things that look up at the sky, not sideways at a 90-degree angle! Details, details!

She says I am very handsome and sweet, and it's a GOOD thing!
I'm not sure what she means by that?

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Day at the Beach for a Lucky Rescue Boy!

Recently, ForPaws Corgi Rescue placed a lovely little male Pembroke, "Guinness," in a great new home in Southern California. His new mom just sent these photos of Guinnie's first trip to the beach!

Here's Guinness, center, with his new "sister," Dorothy Gale (poodle), and his Pembroke buddy, "William."

Two handsome boys go wading in the great Pacific Ocean!

Guinness was a stray dog who spent at least one night outside in a terrible rainstorm before seeking shelter with a young woman who had stepped out to pick up her morning paper. She was savvy enough to contact corgi rescue, rather than taking this nice fellow to a shelter. Guinness definitely had an angel watching over him!

Hmmm, interesting stuff, this sand. Don't dig too deep...a sand crab might find your nose Guinness!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Denali's Cake Dreams

This weekend Denali had her "official" birthday celebration, 
complete with a cake!

Fresh chicken, layered with a vegetable medly, topped with fresh strawberry puree!

When Moe picked her up, she knew something special was going on. that is special! 
I could eat the whole thing, including the candles!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

This Made my Heart Smile!

Over the years ForPaws Corgi Rescue has placed literally hundreds of dogs. Every so often we hear from our adopters. They write to tell us that their new dog is a bona fide family member in a home where it is clearly happy and well-loved. These letters are the real rewards that come from dog rescue work.

But once in awhile we get a letter that qualifies as the Olympic Gold Medal of reports. Below is just such a letter, received yesterday from a wonderful man who has been instructing one of our adopters, and her little rescue Pembroke in the fine art of herding sheep!

The dog he refers to was one of four, taken from a puppy mill. This little guy was extremely shy and under socialized, but incredibly sweet. It has taken him some time to trust and the herding work as given him a lot of confidence.

Note: The letter has been slightly edited, and names have been changed to protect privacy.

Dear ForPaws,

 I just wanted to send a quick note and update on the Iowa “Castaway” Pembroke adopted by Joanne.

He has been, and continues to be, a great joy to work with.  The courage he has shown is truly amazing.  As you know, I have been working him on sheep for Joanne since late last year.  

Each time we work together he shows signs of improvement.  Each time he is a little more relaxed.  He lets me pet him, without cringing.  He is smiling.  Last night after working the sheep, he even gave me a little nuzzle.  As Joanne picked him up, I gave him tummy skritches and his little eyes started closing.  You could tell he was relaxing, that he is really starting to believe that this is his forever home and that he will have a chance to be a real Corgi.

Last night our work on sheep was to go in a pen with a mix of ewes and lambs and walk calmly around them, to reverse direction, to stop and turn into the sheep.  Only a couple times did he want to charge off and raise a little havoc (he wouldn’t be a Corgi if he didn’t).  The rest of the time he walked calmly by my side, on a very loose long line, with a huge smile on his face.

The goal has always been to get him to a point where he and Joanne could be a real team in the arena.  I am proud, and sad at the same time, to be able to say that we begin the transition next week.  

What this little guy may not know, is how much he is teaching me and the gifts he is giving me.  Then again, maybe he does. 

I really feel like I am the lucky one here.  What skills or knowledge I have been able to share with the rescues I have been around…seem insignificant when I look at what they have given me.


Thanks Made my Heart Smile!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Denali!

Happy 6th Birthday "Munkey"

Since Denali was very little, Moe has called her Munkey. She's always been more fun than a barrel of 'em! From day one, we knew this girl was a little character. She's beautiful, smart, funny, fearless...everything that a spunky Cardigan Welsh Corgi girl should be!

Today, on her 6th Birthday, we take a stroll back through the years and take a moment to again thank Carolyn for bringing this beautiful girl into our lives, at a time when we least expected to take a puppy, but most needed one!

These first pictures are some of my all-time favorites. On their First Birthday three of the SUV-Truck Litter siblings got together to celebrate. From the left, Max, Denali and Dakota.

Denali, washing Max's ear after a long day full of play!

Jumping ahead to her 6th Birthday - today! Now Denali has a new little brother, Sage. Here, he's washing her face so she looks pretty on her birthday!

Denali is one of the most beautiful girls!

From the beginning Carolyn suspected that Denali was a that right! As it happens, we weren't concerned with "show quality," and absolutely love her fluff coat. It just enhances her beauty!

This girl has always loved her toys. She can never have too many.

Denali is always happy, often smiling.

And even more often, making funny faces!

A common sight during the mid-morning nap time!

One thing about this litter...they all have tongues that don't really fit in their they just let them hang out! She does this all the time when she sleeps.

Denali often goes out with her Dad on adventures. (She is his favorite - and she knows it!) Sometimes those adventures (muddy park) mean that she comes home really needing a bath!

Sharing the house with our Pembroke Princess, Elbee.  Elbee has become Denali's BFF, as well as a member of her "pack." From the time she was a teenager, Denali wanted Alpha status. That didn't happen with Bart (a true Alpha) around. But Elbee allowed Denali to adopt her anyway.
OK, so sometimes she has to put up with silly things her people do!

Another birthday, another toy!

As she got older, she did take on the role of female pack leader. She keeps an eye on things for us.

Funny dog pictures with her dad.

Denali owes just about everything she knows to the lessons learned from Bart. With incredible tolerance he raised her from a puppy.  She looked up to him, modeled him and respected him. She was fortunate to have had such a wonderful pack leader.

Another birthday, another toy!

Now we're seeing Denali in her younger years! She was 4 months old here.

When they were little, Denali and Dakota, her litter brother, had a play date. Thanks to Dakota's mom, Traci, we have some great photos!

We thought that we might be able to leave Denali (age 14 weeks) in a covered x-pen on our deck for a few hours. We got her a big chunk of sod to use as a toilet. Silly people...sod is for chewing! Needless to say, it was a failed experiment. Never one to miss out on anything, Denali refused to stop barking when confined in the pen. To this day, that's still the case. She HAS to be where the action is!

Moe took this series of photos of our new puppy when she was 14 weeks old. They're some of our favorites.

She was a gorgeous puppy!

Age 12 weeks. 
This was the day we went to Oregon to pick up our new girl. 
Here she is in Carolyn's backyard. As you can see, it was time to tape her ears. She went home wearing her Princess Crown!

Out of the six puppies, this was the one that had to have the Kong toy. She was also the puppy that ran underneath the deck, leading all of her siblings to a place where we couldn't get them. We thought we were ready to leave...not until Denali was ready to come out from her new deck/cave!

At 12 weeks of age Denali fit nicely in my two hands. She was such a cute little fur ball, but full of it even then! Carolyn gave the puppies all a plastic bottle to play with. Needless to say, they were thrilled. At a point the bottle was thrown into the air. Denali caught it and raced off with four of her littermates in hot pursuit. The fifth one, 'Kota, happily stayed behind to catch the paper label that had fluttered off of the bottle and wafted to the ground. He grabbed the label in delight and started to munch on it. Even then, their personalities were already apparent!

Today, we celebrate the sixth anniversary of the birth of the "SUV and Truck" litter! Happy Birthday to all six of you! Thank you Baha and did Good!

You're a wonderful girl Denali. 
We love you very much!