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Hermann Hesse

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gardening with Sage

Hi ya!

I'm Sage!

I was a big help out in the garden today, so I thought I'd share some pictures with you to prove it!

See those pretty orange impatiens behind me? Kathy planted those. What did I do? Well, while she planted I kept trying to eat the little plastic flower containers.

I just love flowers. They're so pretty - and delicious!

I find that accessing potted flowers is often easier. I can put my paws on the edge of the pot for a better view, and easy picking.

Isn't this a stunning Zinnia? Look closely and you'll see some white dog hair on the upper, right edge. How did that get there?

OK, truth be told, Kathy planted this, watered it, turned her back and I thought it looked too tasty to pass up. I had the whole flower in my mouth when I heard, "Sage - NO!" By now I know she means business when she says that, so I just gave the flower a little readjustment, but I didn't pick it, per my original plan!

It still looks just fine to me, but Kathy pointed out that Zinnias are typically perky little things that look up at the sky, not sideways at a 90-degree angle! Details, details!

She says I am very handsome and sweet, and it's a GOOD thing!
I'm not sure what she means by that?


Kady Cannon said...

"Raw fed dogs"

Seriously, I know that his relatives like all kinds of more things now that they get more than just kibble. Tonight they had asparagus stems with their chicken. Yum.

Traci said...

What a fun adventure! :) *hugs* to that cute little thing!!

penni said...

His Uncle Chase loves the flowers from the trumpet vine, and to exhume bushes to bring into the house. They definitely have a black thumb. Good luck!

Elbeepem said...

Oh, I never thought of that! So having a dog that likes to covet and eat twigs, flowers, rocks and mulch is a by-product of feeding him fresh meat and veggies! Things your breeder didn't tell you! :-)

He's finished up the camellias and has been eyeing the shasta daisy buds. Twice today he attempted to pick a daisy bud - just the right height to be at nose level! And each time he passes the pot with the yellow zinnia in it, he stops and tries for the impatien on the other side! Going to be an interesting summer, since I love flowering plants and always have something blooming!

I guess Moe will just have to plant some veggies for him to eat! Unfortunately, he seems to gravitate to the flowers. He likes bright color. Doesn't bother the herbs.

Mistywowo said...

Love to read your postings about Sage..he is just beautiful...I have two female "special needs" corgis..someone forgot to tell them that ;) and a aussie/corgi mix..they are awesome dogs..and boy do they have adventures !! Mine love to eat flowers as well.

MC said...

What a sweet boy! My dogs love to play in the garden. Stella loves to "pluck" flowers from pots..such a silly girl :)