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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tree Litter - Call Name Pedigree 10/21/08

I've been working on a Call Name Pedigree for the C-Myste, Baledwr, Starrynights "Tree" Litter (10/21/08). I am missing only one call name. Can anyone fill in the call name for Shadowalk Vashon Jettsetter, ROMb?

My scribbles are below, if you want to see the rest. I'll make it "pretty" when I've got everyone. I am also working on Wally and Hannah's Call Name Pedigrees and will ask some questions on those when I'm sure I've exhausted my search on the Web for the missing names. (I have also taken everything that pertains from Penni's research - thanks Penni!)

Click on pedigree to enlarge


penni said...

Good for you, Kathy. I think these "call name" pedigrees really help when we get with a bunch of Cardi folk talking about Cardis. No one seems tu use the long form of a name.

Holly said...

I believe she was is called "Jett".

Baledwr said...

Jett is correct

Baledwr said...

You are missing 4 generation ancestors on Wally's side however...There should be 8 but you only have 5...

Kady Cannon said...

Hmm, wondering if my table messed up when I made that pedigree. I'll dig it out and reprint it.

At top right:
Elmo = Percy x Sadie
Lilac = Albert x Violet
BB = BJ x Lucy

And I just realized that I misplaced the pdf of Wally's pedigree off the server when I was doing "cleanup".

Jeri said...

Trademark is also called TM at home.

Traci said...

If you're missing dogs off of Wally's pedigree, feel free to look at Sedona's on my website - I don't have the call names, but I have all the registered names (and pictures as I found them) there.

Elbeepem said...

Yes, I realized after-the-fact that I was missing some of the information on Wally's side. This is a xerox copy of what was in Sage's puppy book. Carolyn, is it possible for you to send me a .pdf of the complete pedigree for Sage via e-mail?

And thanks to those who responded on "Jett." Susan, of Shadowalk, was also kind enough to e-mail me with this information!

And, thanks for clarification on Trademark/TM. I saw both references in my research and wasn't sure which was correct. I'll add the "TM."

Penni - thanks for sending the Excel template. This will make things much easier. I am planning to do all three Call Name Pedigrees, for the Tree Litter and both parents, Wally and Hannah.

Elbeepem said...


Thanks. I actually did look at your site pedigrees last night. I did get Wally and Hannah's full pedigree from C-Myste, but since I Xeroxed the copy of Sage's pedigree from his puppy book, that is where Wally's information got dropped. At the end of the evening yesterday I was bleary and didn't realize it was missing, but I do have Wally's full information and can correct it when I set up the Call Name Pedigree! Thanks!