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Hermann Hesse

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pack your Bags Ozzy! You're on Your Way to Colorado!

Time to get in a few last swimming sessions with the other kids in the 'hood before he heads to Colorado. 

That's right - Ozzy has a new HOME!

More Summer Olympics buzz here: Ozzy's new home materialized in World Record time! Sometimes dogs wait many weeks for the "right one" to come along. Ozzy, you're definitely "Golden." Not only did your new people find you quickly, but they couldn't be more perfect! Ozzy got a "Perfect 10" with this adoption!

And, just like Michael Phelps, this little pool star knows that "perfect smile" cinches your placement on the Front Page. Look at him, just workin' that camera!

Saying goodbye to old friends is always tough. 
Promise you'll e-mail me...I know you can reach the keyboard with those little cat feet!

Congratulations to Ozzy's new family. 
And thank you for taking the extra time to research Corgi Rescue. What a positive difference you've made in this fellow's life!

1 comment:

Opie, Arcie, & Todd said...

Hey, Ozzy. You're one lucky guy! These guys are ball playin' freaks! And as for water sports, I hear we're getting a new kiddy pool to romp in. And then there's always the water treadmill just down the street. Safe travels and see ya soon! Opie, Arcie & Todd