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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lookout Michael Phelps...Ozzy's in the Pool!

While he may not bring home an Olympic medal, Ozzy is no slouch in the swimming pool! This little fellow has been recuperating with his foster mom in Wichita, KS and now he's ready for Prime Time - to the "right" corgi-experienced home.*

Ozzy came to rescue when his former owner couldn't afford to finance the surgery he needed to repair a broken right front leg. Following successful surgery**, he's been in foster care where he was treated to swimming as part of his recuperative therapy - and he LOVES it!

Born in September 2007, this little guy is currently a "teenager" in dog years...and it shows! He is an active boy needing a new owner who understands how to effectively continue the good work he's had in foster care by guiding the typical teenage dare devil to a position of "well-behaved young man" in his adult years. We are definitely looking for a corgi-experienced person here! (And if you have a place for Ozzy to swim...all the better!)*

* ADOPTION INFO: We will be posting this little man for adoption on our ForPaws Corgi Rescue website shortly. See for his listing.  **Important Note: Ozzy currently has pins in his leg. These may need to be removed at some future point if they shift as he continues to develop. Anyone considering this dog for adoption needs to be able to provide for this eventuality.

Like any experienced swimmer, Ozzy knows it pays to check the water temperature before diving in.

But once you're in the is pure Heaven! Especially if you have friends in with you.

One of the best parts of a good swim is relaxing on the chaise lounge afterward.

You can really work up a corgi-sized appetite in the pool too!

Did someone say "dinner?" OKay, I'm there!


Anonymous said...

He's adorable and I so wish I had space (and a pool!) to take on such a trooper. I wish him only the best.

P.S. I'm so glad I found you from Corgi-L reading about all your 4-legged friends' adventures is tons of fun!

winecountrydog said...

Ozzy buddy, you're looking good! You're so handsome. Wish you were heading over our way in northern Calif.

Your foster mom's blog is howlingly cool! I see that there are a lot of super-cute corgis in Townsleyville. I added a 4TheDogz link to my little ezine's list of rescuer humans. Happy licks, Tilin Corgi

Elbeepem said...

Thanks for the nice comments. The blog is actually created and maintained by the owner of ForPaws Corgi Rescue, also located in N. Cal. You'll see features regarding dogs located with various foster folks all over the U.S!

Thanks for following the action. You're a pretty cute little corgilicious pooch youself Tilin!