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Hermann Hesse

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So you think this is Your Dog?

Numerous folks have indicated interest in adopting the corgis we've been telling you about here in the blog. This blog is actually an extension of our ForPaws Corgi Rescue website, which is where available dogs are posted. 

It is also the home of our LEARN MORE section - the most important part of the ForPaws Corgi Rescue website. Anyone interested in adoption, should make it a point to first visit our Learn More section, There we tell you all about this breed and just what it takes to be "owned by a corgi." 

Corgis are the smallest dogs in the herding dog family. They are smart, happy, affectionate and "driven" little dogs. They are generally "Type A" personalities. They are wonderful in the right home and can be a "nightmare" in the wrong home. Ensuring a fit is crucial, which is why we encourage anyone interested in this breed to RESEARCH IT FIRST!

We always thoroughly evaluate our foster dogs before we consider making them available for placement. At that time they are posted on our ForPaws Corgi Rescue website,

In order to be considered for adoption you must submit an application via the website. We screen all applicants carefully and only place a dog when there is a good match between dog and owners. We look at your lifestyle and consider whether it matches the personality and needs of the particular dog. 

We also talk to you about the temperaments of any existing pets in your home. If you have a very dominant dog, and the dog we have available is also a dominant member in the pack order, clearly this is not a good match. 

Bottom line: There is a LOT more to adopting a rescue dog than falling in love with a pretty face - though this certainly is part of it! 

Thanks to everyone who has been following our Tails...or not...we appreciate your interest!


Judi said...

I completely agree with you! My corgi is a rescue (found outside an Amish puppy mill in Ohio), and his personality is not quite like the typical corgi, but it's perfect for me. I had a great foster mom who assessed him and kept him at her house for several weeks before sending him home with me.

If my parents are interested in adopting (they love corgis as much as my brother & I do), then I will direct them to the application.

Thanks for taking care of these 'big dogs in little dog bodies'!

katie4444 said...

Ozzy you are one LUCKY DOG. Congrats on your new home and lots of luck. Corgi kisses coming your way. Katie and the crew