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Hermann Hesse

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Brand New "Flavor" Joins the Group - Meet Gerry Berry!

Meet Miss Gerry. Formally known as Gerry Berry, you know like the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavors! She is our latest girl to enter rescue, joining the Cast Aways in Minnesota. 

Gerry was a brood bitch for a backyard breeder, who placed her in a pet home about a year ago. Unfortunately, that placement couldn't have been more wrong - for the dog or the owners. This is a dog that likes a fairly calm, peaceful environment, is a bit of a Pembroke Princess, and enjoys her routine. That routine definitely does NOT include four active young children and owners that had never had a corgi before and knew nothing about herding dogs ! Ouch....wrong fit, big time!

In her former home she got way too much to eat. This is common with inexperienced owners. How many times have we heard, "Well she looked so hungry!" Those of you who are now chuckling know that...of course she looked hungry! Nobody does it better than a CORGI. These guys are just Dustbusters on four little legs - sucking up every organic molecule in their path.

So now when you see this 38lb girl licking her lips, be sure that she is enjoying her Weight Watcher's special diet, complete with pumpkin and green bean supplements! This IS a really beautiful little black-headed tri-color Pem. When she gets her waistline back she is going to be simply stunning. You can already see how gorgeous her coat is and what a pretty face she has!

Like any Pembroke Princess, this one has already made it clear that she prefers the Five Star amenities to roughing it with the camp stove. She's managed to get her foster mom to provide a special bed and a lovely private run. After the rather stressful time she was having in her former home, this little lady deserves a bit of the Spa Treatment...and that is just what she will get for a bit while she decompresses and learns that K.D. is someone she can trust and rely upon.

Gerry did she get that name? Ha! There is a story: One her way home with Gerry, K.D. called me. She told me that Gerry was a lot heavier than we'd thought and really needed a diet. K.D. said, "She's a Chunk. She's a Chunky Bear!" 

Well, the moment she said Chunky, my ice cream lover's brain infilled "monkey." You know Chunky Monkey, one of my favorite Ben and Jerry's flavors. I said, "Ok, we can call her Gerry." (meaning Jerry, as in Ben and Jerry's). K.D. said, Yes, Gerry...Gerry Berry, that's what I'll call her.  And just like that, a new flavor was coined!

So, give a warm welcome to Miss Gerry Berry - our Featured Flavor of the Month!


Unknown said...

Gerry Berry is a beautiful princess!
I live in Tennessee with my 10 year old PWC girl & her cousin, a 10 year old Bichon Frise. Is there any possibility of us adopting her?

Judi said...

OH my goodness she is adorable!! My parents live in Minnesota (Cannon Falls)-- any chance they could adopt her?

Elbeepem said...

We always thoroughly evaluate our foster dogs before we consider making them available for placement. At that time they are posted on our ForPaws Corgi Rescue website,

In order to be considered for adoption you must submit an application via the website. We screen all applicants carefully and only place a dog when there is a good match between dog and owners. We look at your lifestyle and consider whether it matches the personality and needs of the particular dog.

We also talk to you about the temperaments of any existing pets in your home. If you have a very dominant dog, and the dog we have available is also a dominant member in the pack order, clearly this is not a good match.

Bottom line: There is a LOT more to adopting a rescue dog than falling in love with a pretty face - though this certainly is part of it!

Thanks to all who've expressed interest in adoption. Please stay tuned for postings on our website. We will post to the blog when that takes place.

Sally M said...

kudos to K.D. One month ago this amazing lady drove a 12 hour round trip to rescue the 4 Castaways. She still has open arms the love to give another Corgi in need. Gerry Berry is one lucky little girl. K.D. will take care of her and make sure she is placed in a new loving home.
Sally, Allan, Molly & Bo