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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Better Time for Nolan

Nolan's first venture into the big world of social situations verified our observations regarding his status as the "shyest" of the four. He was clearly uncomfortable and not yet interested in meeting strangers. He wasn't nearly as happy to be the center of attention as say....Charlie!

So we thought we'd give Nolan a little morale boost by letting him run around a bit with his new little friend, Ghillie. Typically the presence of another non-threatening corgi does wonders for a dog like Nolan. And sure enough, Ghillie really brought him out of his shell. 

Things started out in a low key fashion with a little relaxation 
next to a gorgeous bed of summer flowers.

But Ghillie was ready to explore, 
so Nolan decided to follow along.

OK,'re not the only corgi who can run fast 
on those short little legs!

Whew! You've had a little more practice with the fast running 
than I have.  Let's stop & catch a breath.

There's always good stuff to sniff here Nolan - check it out! first's really nice - can we do it again?

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Judi said...

LOVE the picture of the first kiss!!! That is too precious!!