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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Puppy Update-A message to Potential Adopters!

One of our little Pembroke Princess puppies, Shania, would like to tell everyone that she REALLY appreciates how many wonderful people out there are enthusiastically waiting to give her, and her four siblings (pictured two postings below), wonderful new homes!

As of this evening, we have in excess of 15 applicants and seem to be getting about two new applications each day! Many of these first 15 are REALLY good and we will be screening this batch of applicants before moving on to any additional applications. It appears that we will easily be able to identify homes for all of our pups from this first batch.

A lot of the applications are from people with excellent background and experience with corgis, and from people who have clearly researched the breed. We can tell that you "get" just how special these dogs are, and we're thrilled that so many high quality potential adopters have come forward. We have already done some telephone screening in some cases, and will need to continue that effort prior to making final placement decisions.

Each puppy is different, as Patsy demonstrates here. She is a ham and likes to smile and play bow for the camera. Not all dogs are that comfortable having their picture taken.

So for now, our most important task is to carefully evaluate the temperaments of each puppy and do the best we possibly can to match each one to a home that seems like the best fit. We're in the process of doing some testing and observation now and all of the puppies appear to be very nice little dogs! We will know more as this week progresses.

We will be getting back to everyone just as soon as we can, as we know you're all very anxious. Unfortunately, we have only 5 puppies available, so some of you will be disappointed, and we're very sorry about that. Having young puppies like this in rescue truly is an extremely rare event. I doubt it will happen again for us.

In some cases, it is very possible that one of our other young adult dogs may be a fit for some of you who do not take a puppy, and we will be talking to some of our applicants about that option.

Not all of you who've applied are aware that dog rescue is not our "real job." This is something that we do in our "spare time" because we believe so strongly in it. But we do have jobs, families, other obligations and activities. So, if we don't get back to you quite as quickly as you'd like, remember that please! Getting six new dogs in rescue at one time definitely stresses our resources and we're doing the best we can.

We will be making placement decisions soon, and we really appreciate how many of you have offered to give a loving home to these nice pups!


dreameyce said...

I vote Patsy needs to be in the Salem, area of Oregon- so I can take pics of her! haha

They're all so cute, and whoever gets to adopt them, will be LUCKY people. I'm so glad they are getting so much interest, but of course like you, feel bad for the people who will be disappointed (BUT- the RIGHT dogs for them will happen at the right time!)

Elbeepem said...


Yes, Patsy would make great fodder for one of your nice pins too! She's a cutie, but then they all are!