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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Got Rescue Puppies! (Age 17 weeks!)

Sigh...a product of the times!

In the 13 years I've been operating ForPaws Corgi Rescue, we have never young, purebred corgi puppies come into rescue - nothing under about 8 months old, and that was extremely rare!

Due to the vast number of people being adversely affected by the economic conditions, now we've got our first litter - age 17 weeks - yikes! I suppose they could be called Blue Moon Puppies, because that's how often we see young puppies like this looking for an adoptive home! But when a hobby breeder suddenly had a change in family circumstances...fill in the blank!

Along with the five puppies, we took the mother too. She's beautiful, age 2 years, and her name is Reba. Accordingly, it seemed only fitting that the pups should also have names of well-known country music stars. So we've got Cash, Patsy, Shania, Willie, and Weylan in the mix. (Three boys, two girls.)

Reba - a typical Pembroke Princess!
Age 2 years

Reba will soon be ready for adoption and will be made available through a rescue colleague. More details soon to come! In the meantime, inquiries can be directed to ForPaws Corgi Rescue. Reba is a classic, spunky Pembroke girl, with a great personality, nicely socialized. Someone will be very lucky to find a nice girl like this in rescue!

Willie (Nelson)

Weylan (Jennings)

Shania (duh!)

Patsy (Cline)

Patsy - again (very photogenic!)

Cash (as in Johnnie)

Cash (again) just because he's SO handsome!


I need orange said...


I don't want a puppy.

I don't want a puppy.

I don't want a puppy.

I don't want a puppy.

I don't want a puppy.

Judi said...

Oh my goodness, corgi puppies just make me want more more more! But I'm trying to control myself- I just got a rescue from southern IL no-kill shelter (PAWS in Anna IL) and she is the sweetest little doodlelovebug ever. Scared to pieces about everything, so a new addition to our family would be too stressful for her but OH those are some cute puppies!

Thanks for rescuing them & their cute mama-- my best to the furever families that take them in!

manymuddypaws said...

cute cute!!! i am sure they will have homes in no time!!!

Elbeepem said...

RE: "I don't want a puppy."
Hmm...why don't I believe you? :-)

They are REALLY nice pups. The breeder actually did a good socialization job with them and they're all happy, lively, affectionate little things. As you'd expect, one of the little females, Shania, has already shown herself to be the Head Princess and is quite full of herself. While the little boys, particularly Weylan, are just sweet little cuddlebugs!

They will go really fast. We've already gotten 7 applications for them, and we'll be able to be very selective in placement , which is nice!

Judi said...

Patsy is my favorite! sooo photogenic!

I'm glad to know that they're all going to good homes!

dreameyce said...

Puppy fever here... if you send one of these beauties to me, I won't be upset at all! (But, my husband would be ;0P)

Elbeepem said...

OK, can have your pick...which one will it be? Willie is a real cutie! And Patsy is a real ham for the camera!

And preliminary reviews say that Weylan is going to be the big cuddlebug in the group, while Shania definitely has to have it "her way!"

They're still tiny....why not take two? (Kind of like potato chips?) :-)

Anonymous said...

I love Willie best! But any one of them would be wonderful-I am daring to hope....

Elbeepem said...

Just a note of clarification regarding adoption of the puppies and their mom, Reba:

Currently we've received a number of applications and are starting some telephone screens. As of now, none of the puppies have been placed, but we anticipate making some decisions very soon.

If you are seriously interested, you MUST submit an application to be considered. The more you can tell us about your background and experience with corgis, the better.

This is the link to the adoption form:

cindyay said...

Ohhh my gossssshhhhh! Those corgis are ADORABLE! When I am ready to adopt one, I will come back to your organization. Hopefully you will have a corgi for me! Those are a gift from heaven! They make my heart melt! SO CUTE! I love corgis! I am busy preparing myself to adopt one. :) Your organization seems like a great one to help corgis! :)