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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Week 13- Transition to Demon Dog Begins!


Ears are back up - mostly. No taping required.  I think they'll stay up at a point without tape, but the left one is down some days, and up on others.

Now Sage is discovering more interesting things in the world - all of which belong in his mouth!

Thank goodness for the oodles of dog toys that it took to entertain Denali. Sage's favorite remains the tennis ball. And two is even better! sweet. Who would guess that this is the same puppy that put a hole in my pants earlier this evening by nipping at them as I attempted to walk by. After all, they were "flappy" plants. And you've just got to try to catch flappy pants!

Sigh...  He's turned the corner from little rolly polly puppy, to fanged monster!  Suddenly all textiles and paper products are "must chew" items. Oh yes, I remember this stage.

Sage seems even more handsome as his color starts to darken a little. Hard to be upset with Demon Puppy, when he's so pretty!

Digging a tennis ball out from underneath the furniture is a fascinating pursuit - this week!


penni said...

He is so cute! As long as he's concentrating on his toys, he's not too menacing -- hopefully he won't graduate to furniture and rugs.

Anonymous said...

Good luck LOL!

We are waiting for our new puppy in about 8 more days.

Love those bad babies!

Sarah said...

Hmm, my girls are still in this stage at 2 years old. I'm ready for a break. I like to say they do a lot of "reading" when they find paper or magazines within the reaches of their fangs!

Elbeepem said...

Yes, I am waiting to see if Sage will be half the "gardener" that his sister Denali was, as well as Kenai before her. They both felt quite compelled to rearrange our drip watering hoses. Denali in particular liked to simply remove those she felt the plants weren't using and present them to us as gifts in other parts of the yard!

So far he seems to take greatest interest in helping with the dishes. Every time the dishwasher is open, he's trying to climb in. It's apparently fascinating!

Kim said...

We call that our corgi 'prewash' station when they sit next to the dishwasher and 'assist' in cleaning them.