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Hermann Hesse

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Velcro Puppy

There is a comfortable dog bed only a foot away, but Sage wants to be right at the foot of the desk chair and close to my feet. For now, this works, though it looks a bit uncomfortable. 

No one has told this little 9 pound puppy that he's going to get just a little too big to squeeze himself in between the chair legs.

And for now, he looks so peaceful...why rock the boat?

Repeated flash photos weren't enough to awaken him.

Like that little round belly...must be time for dinner!


dreameyce said...

Galaxy just lays ON the legs... Sage may never grow out of it! (Though, I always wonder HOW she can be at all comfortable!)

penni said...

At 35 pounds, that is still Chase's place of choice in the office. He puts his head up on one of the legs and sort of bends his body to fit the opening. No matter how large they get, they will sleep there and your movement will be restricted.

Traci said...

yep, my dogs too, Penni! Too cute, that Sage puppy!

Elbeepem said...

Well, that's good to know that Sage is likely to always be a little shadow. My beloved Bart was the same kind of a velcro - had to be as close as possible. I was really hoping that Sage would follow that trend.

He is an incredibly sweet and happy puppy. I can see that he'll be a real charmer and a wonderful ambassador for the breed.