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Hermann Hesse

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Velcro Puppy - Sleeping on Slippers

Sage is the sweetest little dog imaginable. He loves his people and his canine sisters. When he gets tired, he parks himself under my chair and konks out. 

Last night I looked down and he had positioned himself with his head on my slippers. Awww...just too cute!

He had a very big day!

Hard to believe he's sleeping on slippers, versus chewing on them. This is one GOOD little puppy!


coopercreek said...

He's just too cute for words. Congrats on your new puppy!

Heidi Dahlin said...

Aren't these just the sweetest dogs? I'm glad that Megan posted a link to your blog and it will be fun to watch the littermates grow. Sage sounds very similar to Frodo, though Frodo wants to put everything in his mouth. Those slippers would be toast in our house!

I love the ears!

Traci said...

he's too sweet!!

Elbeepem said...

Oh yes, everything does go in his mouth! He was just REALLY tired! Thanks to his big sister, Denali, who played with him for several hours that day.