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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, January 29, 2009

14 Weeks - A Busy Boy!

So many little time. One of the Sage's favorite toys continues to be the tennis ball. We got cool orange ones at the Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog show last weekend - freebies!  
They're most interesting when wedged into hard-to-reach places!

And then, there is the family history becoming readily apparent. Sage has a real penchant for zippers. Luckily, all of the zippers on our dog beds are already broken, thanks to Denali's puppyhood antics. No one can destroy a zipper faster than Denali. I am sure she has the Guiness Book record. But now that they no longer work, each individual tooth can be removed in mere seconds by Sage, The Zipper Ripper!

Yep, he's getting bigger, though he is most likely still the smallest male in the litter. Currently he's about 13.8 pounds. Gaining a pound/week, just like everyone else, but he started out smaller. His cream color is definitely darkening and he's becoming more handsome all the time!

As promised, Sage is definitely a lap puppy. He loves to be held, and likes to "hug." These photos were taken by my left hand, while the right one held a puppy in my lap.

Today some friends came to visit - we like friends! They make funny noises, and play the walking hand game with us!


Kady Cannon said...

He is getting prettier and prettier. I used to call Skye "too pretty to be a boy!" Sage is another one.

And he is going to have great ears. They are nice and big and round.

Elbeepem said...

Yes, Moe kept calling him "she," at first because he really is very pretty!

I think he's going to be really striking as an adult! And with his incredibly, happy, sweet temperament he's a real winner...even if he's not a Show Puppy!

Yes, great ears, no need for additional taping after what you did when he came home.

Spons7 said...

Sage is looking great. Captain is doing well still taping but slow and sure he will be there.