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Hermann Hesse

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Forpaws Corgi Rescue Updates

The last of our four CastAways is about to depart for his new home. Just in time to be a special Valentine, Wilson will come to California (yahoo!) where he'll no doubt miss the snow drifts in Minnesota!

On January 30th our beautiful brown brindle girl, Grace, finally went to her Forever Home in Washington state...and a GREAT one it is! 

After waiting 4 months for her ACL surgery to heal, Grace is ready to go on with her new life. This time she's getting some new doggie parents who will give her the home she's deserved for so long, but not been able to find.

We want to say a very special Thank You to those involved at the Cardigan Welsh Corgi National Rescue Trust. Without their generous assistance Grace would have been put down, versus getting the surgical treatment that will enable her to live a healthy life for many more years to come!  This was a very special rescue girl, and we are deeply indebted to the CWCNRT...thanks Sherilyn!

Now some New Kids on the Block.  These two (male corgi mix, female Pem) were found stray along a highway and were fortunate enough to end up in ForPaws foster care in Kansas. They've just arrived and we will be evaluating them prior to making them available.

Meet Pete (corgi/shiba inu? mix), and Rosie, his pretty Pembroke friend.

And, here's the Cherry on Top!  This is Doodles!

This incredibly sweet and beautiful little guy (only 20lbs) is "Doodles" (short for Doodlebug).  He's also in foster care in Kansas.  He's been evaluated and is ready to go to the right home. This one isn't terribly shy, but is noise sensitive, and a bit timid. He needs a calm home with a patient person who can help build his confidence. He's just 3 years old, is a total cuddlebug, and has the potential to develop into a stellar companion!

See his official listing on the ForPaws Corgi Rescue website!

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