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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, January 8, 2009

This is the BEST Puppy!

This is the nicest puppy. He loves all of Denali's toys and entertains himself by playing with them for extended periods of time. Now that he's another week older he is starting to look more like a "little dog" and less like a "baby puppy."  Fascinating how they change!

The stuffed ring was new for Christmas - it still!

And my nose fits through the hole in the center!  Even cooler!

The duck actually quacks and I can chew on its feet!

This is what happens if you make funny squeaky noises at this puppy so he will look at you when you take his picture.

Squeaky noises are even more interesting than Kong.

Ultimately, squeaky noises merit barking back! Wuff!

*Sorry these are such blurry photos. I had the camera on a different setting in order to take some photos of the structure of an attic space for work the other day and didn't reset it. But you get the idea.


Kady Cannon said...

He is the cutest dang puppy. And takes after his mom Hannah on the inside.

Alden said...

OK, so Fig and Sage tie for the BEST Puppy accolade. These puppies have the greatest attitudes/personalities, ever!

Kathy, we HAVE to get them together, and seeing Sage's ears has finally given me the kick in the butt I need to tape Fig's.

Best to you all...

Elbeepem said...


Yes, definitely. We'd love to see the Fig with his brother again! Sage has great ears - one taping and they went from Spaniel to Corgi, like magic!

penni said...

Just too cute. I have to drop in a couple of times a day to get a puppy fix!

Alden said...

I tried taping Fig's ears last night, and it was a disaster. When taped, they stood straight up like antlers, and then leaned to the left. I took the tape off, and will try again tonight. He was not a happy camper with his "crown" on.

Elbeepem said...

Whew...I know. When Carolyn does it the ear taping looks so easy. But then, she's had a bit more practice! Good luck Figgity Fig!