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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Dog of Three Names finds his Home

This sweet little Corgi-Border Collie mix had a bit of a rocky time finding his real Home. Coming into foster care early in December from an over-crowded shelter, "Sam" stayed with us for a couple of weeks.

Almost immediately "Sam" just wasn't right for him and he became "Zippy." With a good dose of the Border Collie personality, this little guy is definitely very Zippy!

Joining another foster family during the Christmas-New Years Holiday period, Zippy made more friends, but this still wasn't Home.

On January 6 Zippy struck it rich. He found his family, a lovely couple with just the right experience for an active fellow like this, and some land for him to run - perfect! 

 And now, he has his third name. In fact he is carrying on a family tradition. "Ernie" was the name of his new owner's grandfather - an avid dog lover. We're told that he'd be very honored.

Happy New Year Ernie! You waited awhile, but you found a Terrific Home!


Unknown said...

hey u looks so cute :)
dog ramps

Traci said...

awww, so glad he found a great home! :)