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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh, Oh...Floppy Ear!

The advent of Floppy Ear - just when we thought we were home free! Looks like another Duct Tape Crown in this one's future.

Sage really doesn't care that his ear is floppy. It doesn't crimp his style in the least.  All he needs is a tennis ball and a chair and he will invent his own fun.
Click here to see!


Alden said...

Hi Kathy,

At least Sage has one ear up. Fig has a pretty good set of handle bars. My son says he looks like a longhorn cow.

Are you going to the GGKC show? Would love to see you. Let me know. I'll probably be there Sunday, my cousin is having her lab shown...yaaaawn. Bring on the Corgis!

Take care,

dreameyce said...

You know how many Collie and Sheltie people would PAY for that ear? heehee

He's so darnded adorable. Man, I can't get enough of this PINK, and his purdy pink sister too (WHo Mandy needs to take pics of!)

Traci said...

he wins the cute puppy of the day award with that floppy ear ;-) *snuggle* :)

penni said...

You're right -- a ball and an office chair are as good as a park with a jungle gym. Too cute!

Rich said...

How cute can a dog get?

For some reason, when I saw his picture, with his pink ears and white coloration, I thought...Easter Bunny!

Here's a good page I discovered with more dog pictures that crack me up...
Cute dog pictures