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Hermann Hesse

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eureka! (We have House Training!)

It appears that we have a smart fellow here! This morning about 15 minutes after eating, I was just about to take Sage out. He'd been playing with toys and bouncing around the house when he suddenly ran over to the back door and made a few little anxious squeaky noises. 

At that point Denali was outside and he could see her through the glass door. At first I thought he just wanted to play with her. Then he turned and ran to the other door, leading to the garage and yard, making the same noises and sniffing around a bit. He has been in and out both exits enough to know that they both lead to the backyard.

I called him (he knows his name and comes when called) and opened the back door. Out he went and got directly to business! He's got it! No I certainly don't expect him to be reliable yet, but he definitely has grasped the concept! Not bad for 11.5 weeks old!


penni said...

Big sigh of relief -- that ahah moment lets you know life is going to be easier.

Traci said...

awwww I'm so happy he's picking up on it so quickly. Potty training is the WORST part of having a puppy in my world... Glad he's a smart cookie! Yay Sage!!!