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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sage Comes Home!

Road trip: Northern California to Southern Oregon a.k.a. 7 hours through some incredibly spectacular landscape in California and Oregon. Weather forecast: Rain, Rain, Rain! Since the rain was definitely better than the snow that we'd have had on Tuesday, we didn't wait, but took off on Sunday, Dec. 28. 

With Denali and Elbee riding along, the whole family went to meet our new member, Sage. Here is sampling of photos. To see all the pictures that Moe took (lots), visit this link!

Here we are with Sage. Between his unusual coloration, and his puppy ears that are not yet up, he looks more like a little spaniel than a corgi. But let me assure you...this guy is all Cardi!

Sage has a beautiful face. He's going to become a very handsome boy as he matures. And this happy smile is a feature most of the time!

This puppy is incredibly sweet! Carolyn calls him a "mooshy puppy." He loves to be held and to hang out with his people. Perfect, we love those velcro dogs!

If you pick this sweet guy up you'll never want to put him down - he's SO soft and cuddly! is much more work than Denali imagined being Queen of the Pack. And now with a new member...well she just passed out as soon as she hopped onto the foot of the bed in the hotel room. 

Carolyn was delighted to see our beautiful girl now that she's grown. Denali had a great time visiting with some of her relatives and Huxley has a huge crush on her!

Next morning it is time to prepare for the journey home. Sage gets his first official Prince Crown to help his ears stand up properly. He will get to wear this for 2-3 days and is NOT at all happy about it. In the background his brother, Fig, offers consolation. Fig, it's your turn next!

Carolyn & Tom say goodbye to Sage, as he continues to pout about the whole ear taping thing. Check out that cute puppy belly!

Bye Bye Sage. Travel safely and have a Wonderful Life!

Oh...and the Fig...yes, he's very Figgity! No way was he going to stand by without his fair share of attention. He's adorable. Alden has a handsome puppy here!

Due to the rain storms that were passing and the snow storms on their way in, we had a sky of spectacular clouds and some gorgeous clear views as we made our way back into California. I'll show more of those photos in a separate post. But this view of Mt. Shasta was simply perfect! 

We arrived home safely. All of the dogs were great travelers. Sage was just an angel. He "talked" to us on and off, took advantage of his breaks to play with leaves, twigs and explore a little snow. He's just wonderful! 

Looks like Fig, Colbert, and Sage are all going to be Northern California dwellers. Hopefully we can get them together again at some point! Megan, thanks again for doing such a nice job caring for this litter! And congratulations on Greta! She's just lovely!


penni said...

Enjoy your baby -- I love puppies and this group was particularly cute. There really is nothing like being owned by Cardis.

starrynights said...

Thanks for the pics and update. I miss "my boys" a lot. It makes me get all teary to think about holding that little puppy in my hand and all the hours I spent worrying over him. Now to see him looking so loved, it makes my heart full.

Keep the photos coming.

Elbeepem said...

Thanks for the special care Megan. Sage is very much loved already. He's the perfect puppy for us.

Traci said...

aww you got me all misty eyed! Congrats on the baby!! :)