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Hermann Hesse

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bart-Dinner becomes a Challenge

Having an ancient dog with some sort of mystery stomach issue proves a real challenge when feeding. 

Bart tells me he's hungry. He comes roaming in the kitchen, clearly looking for food.

Here's the trick: When I give him food, he walks away. At meal time, here's what my counter looks like. I try all of his favorites. From one meal to the next, you never know what he will eat. Many times it is nothing. It is clear to me that his stomach is upset and it is causing food to seem distasteful to him. Nonetheless, he is hardly eating 1/8 of his normal daily quotient. 

I know that the meds I give him have the side effect of depressing appetite. Sigh... But without them he was unable to process his food properly...a real "no win." Ideally he will rally and be able to eat without the meds. But he's 16 years old and it may not happen this time. Time will tell.

Tonight he FINALLY ate some fresh cooked salmon (but only if it had the skin on it!). Needless to say, I was thrilled that he ate something, but I know it isn't enough. He's slowing down. There is a mystery bacteria at work here and we're unable to identify it. Gradually Bart is weakening and I know he hasn't much time left. In the meantime, if it means fresh be it!

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