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Dedicated to Bart, who had the Most Beautiful Tail

"It's very simple. Dogs and cats and other talented animals have tails; their tails, with their thousands of flourishes, provide them with a wonderfully complex language of arabesques, not only for what they think and feel and suffer, but for every mood and vibration in their feeling tone. We have no tails, and since the more lively among us need some form of expression, we make ourselves paintbrushes and pianos and violins..."

Hermann Hesse

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bart - Journey Over The Bridge

A good run of 16 years, but today was the day
After a hard night, it was clear that the time had come for Bart to cross The Bridge.

No dog could have been more well-loved.

Or have given more love in return.

He's safely on the other side of the Bridge. He went, as he lived, with strength and dignity. He promised that he'd always watch over me. I have no doubt of it. I am his Person and he will always be My Heart Dog.

Rest in Peace sweet Bart. We'll love you Forever.


Kady Cannon said...

I'm so sorry.

And yes, you've made me cry at work.

Anonymous said...

The only words available are I'm sorry. They can never be replaced only remembered.

Elbeepem said...

Carolyn - So sorry about the crying at work thing. I guess that is two for two.

But it is OK. As of yesterday I got past the devastated part, seeing how uncomfortable he was becoming. After 16 years I feel like he had a good and full life. And no, he certainly could never be replaced, but very fondly remembered!

I know that he was meant to be my Heart Dog and wouldn't trade the 11 years we had together for anything. He taught me SO much. Much more than if I'd gotten the "easy" dog that a novice owner "should" get as a First Dog! There are no regrets, just incredible sadness. He was my constant companion - always at my feet. I shall miss that.

But since Bart lost 90% of his hearing about 2-3 years ago, Denali has taken over the role of House Protector. She takes her job seriously. She reminded me of it as we sat together this morning after returning from the vet.

She would dearly love a playmate, but she is clearly the Girl in Charge now. When I mentioned to Moe that I'd talked to Denali about her new role as Alpha Dog, he said "Look out, with Denali in the lead it will be like F Troop!" LOL He's completely right! :-)

So The Queen of Funny will take the reins and life will go on. We will never forget Beautiful Bart and have so many wonderful memories of our time together.

I know he's with Kenai now. Yesterday, when I told him that she'd be on the other side of the Bridge waiting, he said, "Do you think she's calmed down any?" Somehow, I don't think that's ever likely to happen! Thank goodness!

dreameyce said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. He was sure a handsome boy.

I'm glad he was able to enjoy his salmon dinner! Mmmm!

penni said...

I'm teared up. Saying goodbye is so difficult even when you know it's time and they tell you it's okay.

coopercreek said...

I'm very sorry. I'm glad you got to have him so long, though it's never long enough. May all the good memories help you through.

Traci said...

Ooh Kathy, I really hoped you would have had more time with Bart... I know how much you absolutely adore him.... no words are appropriate right now, but know I'm crying with you, and you're in my thoughts always... Rest in Peace sweet Bart!

starrynights said...

Kathy -- I wrote this poem when we thought we were going to lose my Mother-In-Law's doberman Griffin, but now I am dedicating it to your sweet old man Bart.

"When I’m Gone"

I know you’ll cry when I’m gone
Your heart will keen a wrenching song
But don’t forget my happy face.
Our walks together, our games of chase.
My time with you was oh so short
But now in heaven I’ll still cavort
With friends of mine, old and new
And find my life abounds anew
I know you’ll cry when I’m gone
But please remember I’ve moved along
Free from pain, I’ll wag my tail
And never ever, ever fail
To empty my dish again.

Sending you puppy kisses in your time of sadness.

Baledwr said...

We're sorry Kathy and Moe. It's never easy, even when you have the chance for preparation and a long goodbye. Bart was lucky to have gotten you as his people.

Linda said...

I'm sorry to read about Bart's passing. Know that he's in good company at the Bridge - I know 3 corgis that are in attendance there (Chewie, Sweet Spirit & Billy) that will welcome him.
Linda Bickford
Priya & Cowboy
in Connecticut

katie4444 said...

Kathy, we are sad for your loss. Bart was such a sweet dog and the LOVE of your life. A heart dog comes along but once, and sometimes we are fortunate to have a 2nd one. A Heart Dog is special in any case. They always are there for us. And they leave such a HUGE PAW PRINT on our hearts.

I do know, from experience in loosing Mr Hoover that in time the pain is less. And one day we get to be with them again. That is the part that made it easier and I can now smile when I think about his being gone.

Know that there is a HUGE network of support out here for you and MOE and your house.

Little John, Ghillie, Nolan, Wilson, Charlie, Zack, Annie, Sammy and Natalie are sending special FAERIE DUST your way. It is being sprinkled from Minnesota to California with the magic wand of the Pem's. We are hoping it will find Bart and you along the way.