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Hermann Hesse

Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Going Home for the Holidays...we Hope!

This time of year is really bittersweet in the world of Dog Rescue. There are so many dogs that need homes. Shelters are full, rescuers are full. With the economic conditions, there seem to be more dogs needing homes than ever.

But on the flip side, many people do adopt a new dog during the holidays. They have time off from work, time to spend acclimating a new canine companion into the routine of the household. There are always those especially lucky ones that find new homes for the holidays.

This year, everything is coming up candy canes for ForPaws rescue, "Raindrop" a.k.a. "Rain." Looks like she's getting her new forever home just after the holidays! She's waited a long time, but it was worth the wait!

This happy little corgi/border collie mix, may also have found the home he's been seeking. He will go to a foster home in the San Francisco Bay area on a trial basis over the holidays. If things work out well, he won't have to leave!  This sweet boy originally came to us with the name "Sam," but it just didn't really fit, so we've been calling him "Zippy," and he seems to like it!

And speaking of happy dogs...Charlie, one of our Castaway Rescues, fostered in Minnesota, has made tons of progress and is ready for his new forever home. We will post him shortly on the ForPaws website and hopefully he'll find his new holiday home too!

Charlie is about five years old, but his energy level would make you think he's more like a two-year-old. He's an affectionate, busy fellow looking for a home with a playful female corgi, and an owner experienced in training and socialization of an active, inquisitive corgi.

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Unknown said...

Just wondering what Charlie is up to these days? I saw he's being fostered in Minnesota somewhere and I thought, "Hey, I'm in Minnesota too!"

Love to hear more about him, where he is, how he's doing, is he up for adoption yet...