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Hermann Hesse

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Guinness Goes HOME!

While tomorrow is actually the Easter holiday, this weekend feels more like Christmas for Diane and her daughter Kaylie. Today we met them in central California to finalize the adoption of Guinness, the beautiful and sweet little Pembroke Welsh Corgi male we took into rescue a few weeks ago.

Diane recently lost another lovely little Pembroke to cancer. It was unexpected and devastating. Her nice fellow, Charlie, was only 4-1/2 years old.  Too much of an animal person to be without a dog for long, Charlie had convinced her that her home was not complete without a corgi. She submitted her application to ForPaws Corgi Rescue. The timing was right, the fit was right. This was definitely one of those "meant-to-be" placements! (We think Charlie might have been watching over Diane and Guinness to make this match.)

So often our dogs are shipped to their new homes in other states. It was a real pleasure to take a road trip (from northern California) to meet another Californian (from southern California) in the central valley and deliver Guinness in person. AND...I even remembered my camera this time!

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite pictures of the day!

Diane and her new Best Friend.

When we got Guinness out of the car and handed Diane the leash, she was overcome. Guinness is an absolutely beautiful little guy (inside and out) and I'm not sure Diane realized he was "really hers" until this moment!

True "dog people," Diane and Kaylie brought three different kinds of treats for their new boy! Doggie Heaven!

Diane also brought Guinness a beautiful new collar and leash, complete with Celtic design. (She's also wearing her "Guinness" shirt, in case you hadn't noticed!)

Guinness is one of the most beautiful Pembrokes we've had in rescue. He was named by a friend when she observed that his muzzle looked like he'd dipped it in the foam of a nice pint of ale!

Guinness gets his first greeting from his new Mom!

Kaylie road home in the back seat to keep Guinness company.

My little rescue Pem, Elbee, accompanied us on the trip. Guinness seems to have a thing for "older women." He was completely enamoured with Elbee, who was more focused on getting his yummy treats, if at all possible!

Here's the crew! Thanks to a picnic table on which to place the camera, we got a shot of all of us. From left, me, Tina (foster mom) with my dog Elbee, Diane with Guinness, and Kaylie. Note the big smiles on both dogs - do Pems like attention, or what?

Here's the outake...check out the tongues on both dogs!
(click on the photos for a larger image)


penni said...

Good job, Kathy. Thanks for a happy Easter post.

Traci said...

There needs to be a tissue warning on this post, Kathy!!! It's all I can do not to cry and let my makeup run down my face just before I head out for Church! What a wonderful post and connection - I'm SO happy for this family... Guinness sure is a lucky guy, and his new family looks SO happy to have him! :)