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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Barrymoore - A Tribute

Recently ForPaws Corgi Rescue was contacted by a lovely woman named Barb. She told us that some dear friends had recently lost their wonderful little Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Barrymoore, just a few days prior to his 13th birthday. 

Sadly, Barrymoore experienced a stroke and it was clear that his time had come. His owners obviously loved Barry very much. They knew it was time to let him go with peace and dignity - this is never an easy decision. 

Many of us know just how heartbreaking this experience is, and Barb felt the need to acknowledge her friends, and their love for Barrymore, by making a kind donation to rescue in honor of Barrymoore, and his people. We appreciate her generousity, and are really touched. 

Below, you'll find a photo of Barrymore, along with one of his dearest friends. Here's what his owners said about Barry:

Barrymoore was ever the gentleman and a most intelligent fellow. He took a piece of our hearts when he left us but we were blessed to have his companionship for a few days shy of 13 years. We will now be bringing in our own morning newspaper, a job that he did with pride every morning.  
Godspeed, Barrymoore

Oh...what a beautiful fellow!

This is the card that Barb sent!

And thank you for making it possible for us to help others. 
No doubt Barrymore would approve!

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