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Hermann Hesse

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Present from Sage

This was part of my Easter gift to Moe. It is a hand puppet that sings three different tunes. I knew he'd be able to use it to get Denali's attention, not to mention Sage's.

Hmmm..what's that?

Smells like a duck...or a dog toy! But I've got other things to do today.

This is a nice couch. I like the chairs that go with it too.
I don't see anyone around. They'll never know it was me!

Wow, would you look at the size of that invisible bug in the rug!

When distractions fail, just use flat denial, I always say. 
Me, no way! No idea. Maybe it was that invisible bug?

OK, so the couch is old, but I really like it.  And it was in pretty good condition.  Guess I just got a couch upholstery job for Easter!
He's nothing, if not thorough. At least the couch matches the carpet now! (Alden, I hear you laughing!)


Alden said...

OMG! How well you know me! Yes, I did laugh.

Sage is gorgeous, and where did you find that puppet?

Elbeepem said...

Sigh...the joy's of puppy motherhood, eh? The puppet was at Long's Drug Store, of all places! I happened to walk by the display about a month ago, saw it. It was ridiculously inexpensive, and the idea of Denali's reaction was too good to pass.

We just ripped out the carpet and put in bamboo flooring in the family room. And I painted, so it looks like a new room. Clearly the living room will be on track for attention when Sage has moved past the most destructive phases of puppyhood!