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Saturday, April 18, 2009

EXCITING TIMES at the CWCAA National Specialty!!

The annual Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America National Specialty show took past during this past week/weekend. Below are photos showing the massive collection of ribbons awarded to some of Sage's relatives. This was a VERY exciting show for a number of our Cardi Friends. 

(Yes, I lifted the pictures from Carolyn and Shelly, but I doubt either will mind!)

Sage's maternal grandmother, Alice, received an Award of Merit. Alice's progeny, Chase, Molly, Libby and Pilot attended too. Collectively, they take home a snow storm of ribbons! And then where was Shelly's "Dolly," who scored BIG! She'll tell you all about it on her blog (see link below).

To get the full story, visit the blogs associated with those owned by these lovely Cardigans!

(Sage & Denali's Breeder)

Penni (Chase's mom)

Shelly (Libby's mom & breeder of Dolly - a Big Winner!)


Traci said...

not to correct you - but Alice's AOM win wasn't necessarily HER first, but rather that she was awarded THE first AOM at the specialty, which is an honor :) C & M can correct on whether it was HER first or not, but I know being THE first AOM at Nationals is *kinda* special ;-) Isn't it awesome to be able to brag about our doggie family?? :) I'm so proud of them! :)

Elbeepem said...

No worries. I am the first to admit that I am a Rescue person, not a Show person. Any and all corrections welcomed.

I just wanted to convey the bevy of accomplishments and how incredibly happy and proud I am to see these deserving dogs and their people acknowledged!

Thanks Traci!

Traci said...

Like I said, it's such fun to be able to brag about our dog family - especially when one of the "hot shot winners" is Sage's Grammy Alice!!!! :) I'm so happy for them (but sad I missed it) :)

Yasashiikuma said...

Funny that two of the blogs that I read have new puppies named "Sage".

Have a look at for another new baby :)

Unknown said...