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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why is Molly Smiling?

OH YEA...she's smiling all right!

It's because she finally found her people! That's right, Molly has been waiting in foster care for awhile for these folks to come along. And now they have! Christmas is coming early for this sweet girl this year!

This one tugs rather violently at the heart strings for me. Molly looks a LOT like my first rescue dog, and my heart dog, Bart. And it turns out that in many ways she shares the same temperament. While she certainly does have some corgi in her, her personality is more heavily influenced by the Australian Shepherd piece. She is more sensitive than the corgi and needs a more intuitive owner. With the wrong person, she could develop some very bad habits. Bart was the same way. 

But the reward if you are a person who finds the "connection" to a dog like this is far greater than one can imagine. Had I thought that I absolutely had to have a purebred corgi when I was looking for Bart, I would have missed out on the single most powerful relationship that I will most likely ever have with an animal companion. Molly has just as much to give - and now she has the chance!

Congratulations pretty girl. Thanks to your wonderful new parents, you're about to discover the life you were meant to live. You will take a piece of my heart with you when you go!


Léo said...

Big congratulations for Molly!! You did her good, Kathy!

Kay said...

Her people sure are smiling too. We've been idly looking around for a dog for over a year now. Nothing clicked until we saw Molly. Her mixed breed and personality is such a perfect match for us. She is moving to a forever home very soon and will be loved profusely.

-Molly's People