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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pupper Update #19 - Checking in on Morgan & Pups

The puppies are now 14 weeks old. Dodge and Viola went home together and are they ever a happy pair! Normally we wouldn't place littermates together, but in this case Dodge derives a lot of confidence by having a confident, but benevolent female companion like Viola, so it works out well for them. They got an awesome home and their new parents are thrilled with them. 

Logan continues to thrive in his new home too. He was the first to leave the group. Since he lives nearby, he gets to visit his foster mom often! And Abilene (Abi) went home the day before Dodge and Viola. She found her perfect match - we were so happy for her!

Viola and Dodge's parents have taken a lot of photos of their new babies and have generously shared them.

Viola isn't exactly thrilled with her wellness visit, 
but the vet sure thinks she's cute!

Dodge was equally nonplussed - nice ears!

OK, so we were good for the vet visit. Can we go now?

Viola is much happier now that she's home with dad! 
This is the sweetest puppy!

And there's always housekeeping to be done!

Meanwhile Lucas and Kismet are still looking for that just-right home. Lucas was SO close, but things didn't work out at the 11th hour. And Kismet absolutely must have someone with experience raising a spunky, strong-willed corgi!

Kismet is maturing into an absolutely gorgeous girl.

She is one of the two girls that got to keep her full tail!

As expected, Lucas is a very handsome little guy. Definitely the flashy one in the litter. Now that he's getting older he is also getting bolder.

No longer the quiet slightly shy fellow, he's now in full-tilt puppy mode examining his world with gusto!

As mom watches, Kissie and Lucas are working on their own version of pumpkin carving.

Fingers crossed that Kismet, Lucas and Momma Morgan all find the right homes for the holidays!

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