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Hermann Hesse

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Moosh Puppy!

Certainly our two previous Cardigan females were affectionate, but  until we got Sage we'd never had a certified Moosh Puppy. You know, the sweet, happy, bouncy, exuberant little dog that wants to give hugs and kisses and cuddle with you at every opportunity.

One of Sage's favorite activities is hanging out with the family to watch TV. We're not big TV watchers, but usually we will sit down on Friday nights to decompress. Sage is usually herding us toward the TV room, bouncing and smiling in anticipation.

Once there he knows it's time to cuddle - and as a special treat, he gets the be on the couch. You can do absolutely anything with this dog, as Moe demonstrates.

But you do have to be careful...

Or you'll end up getting upside-down kisses on your glasses.

Like our other corgis, Sage watches TV- intently. Naturally he is especially alert to the presence of an animal of any kind. Seeing dogs make him scamper up to the screen, frantically trying to locate them inside the "box." 

Because he inherited the Grandma Phoebe gene, causing him to be particularly suspicious of anything that looks new and unusual (like moving a potted plant to a new location), Sage also responds to unusual stimuli on the TV. The other night there were some people transporting bricks in baskets balanced on their heads. Admittedly, it looked peculiar and Sage rushed up to the TV trying to figure out why. is never dull with a Moosh Puppy around!

Home for the Holidays means even more time to cuddle with our boy - and a continual stream of entertainment!


Taryn said...

Wow, sitting in someone's lap like that is amazing! Neither of my guys would ever allow that! Jimmy is a big TV watcher and even recognizes cartoon dogs. Wilson doesn't even know the TV exists.....

starrynights said...

Ah, that's because I held each puppy upside down on their backs in my arms every single day from the time they were born. They learned right away to trust people and relax when being held. Sage seems to have gotten a double dose of the "smoosh" gene though! Funny boy.

Elbeepem said...

Nice did SO many things to start these dogs out right! And we reap the benefits every day! Thank you - again!

Spons7 said...

Cappy is the same way and so was Greta and Fig. Must thank those breeders of ours for such great dogs and temperments.