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Hermann Hesse

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Great Day for a Dog Show

Tomorrow Denali and I will leave the house around 6:30AM to head for Vallejo. It will be raining when we leave the house, having started around 4:00AM. We will arrive at the fairgrounds (where the parking is in dirt lots that are not paved) around 8:00AM. (Rain boots and towels in tow.)

Fortunately the Rally trials are indoors, so we will swim to McCormick Hall. Good thing I have a dog from Oregon who thinks she is a duck and that I am a confident swimmer. I'll need to be while I'm hauling our setup through the puddles.

Based on the forecast it will rain ALL DAY! Not even a question - note the probability!

This is an double trial, an AM and a PM performance, which makes for a very long day. When we leave around 4:00PM, it will still be raining (check the forecast below). By the time we get home around 5:30PM, it might be just drizzling, and by midnight, it will stop. Monday will be dry - today it is dry!

(Click to get larger raindrops)

The good news - we're not showing in conformation. It's outside! 


Kim said...

Best of luck you guys! Don't forget the time change, you get an extra hour of sleep!

Katie said...

Love the new background!