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Hermann Hesse

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sage Views Virtual Puppies

Why does Sage look a little agitated?
Find the answer by clicking here!

(Hint: If you haven't seen Carolyn's puppy video, check that first!)

Sage loves to watch TV, but this was more than he bargained for.


Traci said...

I WISH I had managed to get Sedona's reaction recorded.... Her head just tilted... and tilted.... and tilted.... she was VERY concerned about all those squeeks... but when I played it the 2nd time, it was old news.... ;-) LOL
Sage - yer just too cute :)

Elbeepem said...

Ha...the first time I played it Denali and Sage ran all over the house frantically searching for the source of the noises. The second time...well, you see the result here!

Sedona sounds maternal...Sage was just a Crazy Dog!

I need orange said...

But you *guys*, there's something seriously wrong! Somewhere!!!

All those baybeez is very sad!

We have to help!

Come on!!!!!!

Let's GO!!!!!!