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Hermann Hesse

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Box for Us! (Paws it Forward)

Sage: Hmm...what's this?

Elbee: I know there's food in there!

Denali: Hey look, it's addressed to us! 
Spencer and Scout sent it all the way from Tennessee!

What are we waiting for? Why don't we open it?

A rubber what? Lemme see!

Rubber chicken she said. What do you think Sage?
I like the squeaky noise it makes!

Now we're personal favorite - tennis balls!

Elbee: When do we eat? What a cool box of goodies!

(Thanks Janet, this is wonderful! I've wanted a cardi sticker for awhile and just didn't get around to getting one. Wonderful treats! And Henrietta in her polka-dot bikini is just a hoot!)

Huge thanks to Spencer and Scout for picking out so many great goodies!

Who's next? 
Be one of the first two to comment on this posting, include your e-mail address, and Denali, Sage and Elbee will Paws it Forward to your house!


Katie said...

I'd like to join in. How does it work exactly?
My email is
(e-mail me for my address please).

Alden said...

Count me in, please!

Elbeepem said...

Congratulations to two new players:

Katie is a new blog friend. Her PWC, Whiskey, will be getting her box next. Here is the link for Katie's blog:

Alden - Sage & Denali will be delighted to pick out something very special for their relatives. And, of course Elbee will act as culinary advisor!

Katie said...

Im so excited, I havent even gotten my box, and I;m already thinking what to put in the ones to mail out. :-) yay!

katie4444 said...

I am sure I am too late. I kept watching your website every day but we missed. kathy

Janet said...

Glad you enjoyed it!! I had fun putting it together.