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Hermann Hesse

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

RAE-Leg#6 - Factors of One

Another successful Rally weekend for Denali. 
Chalk up RAE, Leg #6.

We had a great time in Carmel - beautiful weather, good friends, great vendors, even good coffee!

In a field of eighteen dogs, we placed 5th in both the Excellent and the Advanced classes. So close to the ribbons, but not close enough!

In Excellent, we lost out on a ribbon by ONE point! In the Advanced Class it was a really unusual finish: Two perfect scores of 100 tied for first and second place. Three scores of 96 tied for third and fourth places. We were one of the 96 scores. We lost out on the 4th place ribbon by ONE second! Ahhhh!! That's right - that little Bichon Frise was one blinkin' second faster. Fortunately we know the Bichon's owner and we like her, so we're okay with her getting the ribbon!

The judge was hysterical, a kindly British lady. She reminded me a lot of Mrs. Doubtfire. When I brought Denali into the ring for her first showing she took one look and exclaimed, "Oh, a Beautiful Cardi...a Fluffy Cardi!" (Turns out she has a Cardi too.)

At the end she gave us our qualifying ribbon and told us that we were one second off the time. I told her that was OK because I got to take the Best Prize home, and pointed to Denali. She said, "Oh indeed you do!"

A really nice day all the way around!


Carolyn Cannon said...

As soon as you described the judge, I knew that you had Jill Jones.

Jill's from Eugene, has had Pems for many years, and has a Cardi now from Marilyn Van Vleet (down from Pat Jensen's dogs).

I have funny stories from laying tracks with Jill (she's a tracking judge as well). Like the time she was trying to walk across a beaver dam and . . .

Well, she's kind of short.

Jill was also responsible for referring Mark and Ken to me (Sweet Pea and Cosmos's dads). She's almost family. Too bad I didn't know and I would have had you tell her that Denali was my grandpup.

Elbeepem said...

Yep, Jill Jones, sure enough - and she is kind of short, and a bit on the round side! Oh, that's hysterical. This is the second time we've shown under "Mrs. Jones." She's a stitch.

I love the way she takes time to talk to each qualifier individually versus just giving out the ribbons and shooing everyone else out of the ring and letting the steward hand out the qualifying ribbons.

The only downside is that she always runs terribly late because she is so chatty. Showing under her for the novice folks is painful because she's always SO far behind in time.

Last winter she was down here for some of our cluster shows. It was mid-January that we showed under her in San Jose for Denali's first leg in Advanced-A.

I am sure I'll see her again. When I do I'll definitely let her know where my beautiful Fluffy Cardi came from!

I can just see the beaver dam scenario....GRIN.

Traci said...

CONGRATS yet again, ladies!!! :)