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Hermann Hesse

Monday, July 26, 2010

Congratulations Morgan - Seven Lovely Puppies!

On Sunday morning, July 25, 2010, Morgan gave us seven lovely, healthy puppies. Four boys, three girls. Preliminarily we're thinking two black-headed tricolored boys, and the rest a mixture of sables and fawns. It is possible that they will lighten some as they develop and not carry quite as much black. This is pretty common so we'll have to see what happens.

The puppies are all nice sizes, ranging between 7.3 to 11.8 ounces at birth. All healthy and hungry! They do not yet have puppy names, but we will be fixing that very shortly. For now, it's by the numbers.

Puppy #1

Puppy #2

Puppy #3

Puppy #4

Puppy #5

Puppy #6

Puppy #7

Between now and about six weeks of age, we will be observing and evaluating the puppies. As we learn more about their temperaments, we will post updates. They will be posted on the ForPaws website and made available for adoption around six to seven weeks of age.  Applications will not be accepted until that time. Our complete adoption process is outlined here.

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Jules said...

Congratulations! They are all darling and Morgan looks like she is going to be a fine mum.