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Friday, July 30, 2010

Pupper Update #2 - We have Names!

In the beginning, when a stuffie toy is bigger than you are!

I just talked to the foster person, Denise, who whelped these puppies and is raising them, with help from her experienced friend, Shannon (Huge thanks to you both!). 

We are very concerned about the little male, puppy #4. He's really struggling and the next 24 hours will probably tell us if he'll make it or not. Please keep sending those good wishes!

Regardless of the outcome for our little guy, we felt it was high time that all of them had names. We've given our valiant little puppy #4 a strong, heroic name, which he so deserves. He will be Atticus (from To Kill a Mockingbird).

Here are the names for the "Kansas Litter."
Puppy #1 - male, "Lucas"
Puppy #2 - female, "Abilene" (Abi for short)
Puppy #3 - male, "Dodge"
Puppy #4 - male, "Atticus"
Puppy #5 - female, "Viola" (Vi for short)
Puppy #6 - female, "Kismet"
Puppy #7 - male, "Logan"


Joanna said...

I had hoped one of the more experienced breeders would have weighed in on the last post, but that little boy needs to be tubed, not bottled - and if you bottle, it has to be a real bottle. Those little PetAg bottles are worse than useless. The puppy can't latch and can't swallow properly.

Homemade formula, subQ fluids (Ringers), tubing, and he'll have the best chance. If you're bottling a weak puppy it almost always fails - and those little bottles are a scourge.

Hope he does better.

Jules said...

Sending lots of positive energy and prayers that all the pups thrive, especially Atticus.

Holly said...

Sending loads of prayers for little Atticus, as well as the rest of the family. They are beautiful pups!

Elbeepem said...


He was also being tubed and had already been given subQ fluids. Sadly, not enough. He's gone.

But in future, don't wait for "someone else" to speak up. Time is not a luxury in these cases.