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Hermann Hesse

Friday, May 1, 2009

This Chair is Shrinking!

Something is wrong with this chair! I used to fit so nicely between the legs. My whole body could just curl up in this "v" section. Evidently the chair is shrinking because I just can't squeeze in here anymore! Who knew that furniture could be so persnickety!

But, this IS my favorite sleeping spot while Kathy works at the computer. Yes, there is a nice dog bed about two feet away, but I can be closer here. And this way she can't sneak away without me knowing either! (Some times she tries!)

Oh, that...for my 6-month birthday I got a really special present - I got neutered! It wasn't really a big deal. By the end of the day after I didn't even know anything had happened.

But I'll be glad when my hair grows back so my belly isn't quite so funny-looking. In the meantime, this position doesn't seem to make the chair legs any bigger either. We seem to have a real furniture problem here. What's up with this?


penni said...

That is Chase's favorite spot in the whole office -- even better than the loveseat. The biggest problem is that I can't just roll around from the computer to the desk and back. I have to count all the paws and check the tail and the nose. I'd hate to neuter him with an unplanned move.

But I'll bet that you love the company as much as I do. You know Sage is awfully cute!

Elbeepem said...


Absolutely! I do love the company. Bart was a total Velcro dog and I was hoping Sage would be just as companionable...and he is!

Thanks - I think he's pretty cute too. His coat is starting to really come in nicely now. He's got the sweet Alice/Hannah personality, and he's really bright and enterprising - sometimes a bit too enterprising!

Kady Cannon said...

Sweet baby boy. Kind of reminds me of his uncle Huxley, too.

I notice that he still has the shading in his coat that makes me think he's a merle.

Elbeepem said...

Yes, he's definitely kept the shading. I'll try to get some better photos of him outside so you can see his color more clearly.

Elbeepem said...

And he is a REALLY sweet baby boy!

Every morning when he gets up the first thing he does is ask for hugs and kisses. When he's gotten them, then he is ready go to out for his morning break...but the hugs come first!