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Hermann Hesse

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Puppy Ate my Homework....Yea, right!

This is my sweet puppy, Sage, with his beautiful sister, Denali. Isn't he an angel?

This is the Premium List I brought home from dog training class last night. Our obedience training club is sponsoring a trial on June 21st. I will be stewarding, so I thought I should take a look at it. Notice anything different about this document?

How about now? Yes there is a gaping hole at the bottom. It wasn't there when I brought it home last night. Nor was the hole there this morning when I left it by the bed.

Late morning I caught the little Demon Dog in the act, happily munching away! Now he's resting. It takes a lot of energy to digest my homework. 

I always wanted to be able to say "My dog ate my homework." Now I can!


penni said...

OOOOh -- another baddog! Moving your whole life out of reach is a tough assignment. Since that's how I live my life with the baddog, I'll wish you luck.

Alden said...

OMG! Another naaawty, fawncy puppy!

Fig says, "Good job, bro! Fawn Hall would be proud of your shredding prowess,and so would good old Andersen Consulting! Keep up the good work."

Spons7 said...

Captain says "Way to go bro, my people thought they should read my puppy class booklet but I showed them who the boss was"
The instructor got to see the pictures when I had told her the dog ate my homework. I never posted it. Will send tomorrow as email
Looks like this is in the genes.

Elbeepem said...

Hmmm...looks like a pattern showing itself in The Boyz in this litter! Now we appear to have Naaawty, Fawncy puppy #2 and #3 here!

Today's accomplishment was removing a little fabric loop off the heel of one of Moe's shoes! No time for photos, but Sage was quite pleased with his fashion statement!