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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Maker Faire 2009

Stuff people make...all kinds of stuff- shows up each year at the annual Maker Faire in San Mateo, California. To learn how to make some of these things, and much more, you can subscribe to Make Magazine - the Bible for Maker Geeks! (So much bad hair in one place!)

A San Francisco Institution, the Doggie Diner had a dog head on the top of it for years until it finally became a bank and the diner was gone forever. But the dog heads remain!

A metal sculpture tree with ironed plastic bags as leaves.

This gigantic sculpture spins with the slightest breeze. A person can stand in the center of the circle and spin with it. Kind of like Calder on drugs!

Kinetic miniature sculpture.

Vaccuum cleaner....or...?

Ray gun!

Lucille van Pelt, is that you?

Huge kinetic sculpture, made of liter bottles. It never stops moving.

A project in Nevada will build a 10,000 year clock. The model is below.

The model shows that the clock will be deep underground. Below is one of the actual gears so you can see just how big this is going to be.

Bicycle wheels that flash an LED display showing pictures and words.

Well, OK. What else can you do with the VCR?

This dress, made of plastic tubing, allows colored liquids to run through various parts of it, at various rates of speed, creating a most interesting effect!

It wouldn't be complete without lots of LEGOs!

These cupcakes are about half the size of a Smart Car. The top flips up on a hinge, allowing the driver to get in and out. Inside there is a seat and bicycle handlebars.  These little vehicular cupcakes really move too!  Of course, you must wear the matching hat when you drive!

Kind of like a Rose Parade float, made of painted gauze instead.


The giant robotic giraffe has become a fixture at this event.

Something you can do with your Mercedes when you no longer wish to worry about washing it.

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penni said...

Thanks for sharing photos of an event I'll likely never have a chance to attend. Makes you wonder about the ultimate capabilities of the human mind!