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Hermann Hesse

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sage & Friends

When Sage first arrived our Pembroke Princess, Elbee, wanted nothing to do with him. He was the penultimate little cretin in a puppy suit. Now, at 17 pounds, he's actually slightly bigger than Elbee.  She's a really small Pem at 15.8 pounds, ideal weight.

This evening, I looked down to see that Elbee had joined us and was laying near Sage. Now that he's a little older and has done things like washing her ears, Elbee is starting to get used to having him around. Note I didn't say that he'd lost cretin status yet, but at least she will share the same room with him now!

And then there's big sister Denali.  Sage absolutely adores Denali and her patience with him continues to amaze me. She's generally very toy possessive, but has continued to share even her most valued toys with Sage and allows him to tug and pull and play with her for hours every day. (Thank you Denali!) 

In this photo Sage is actually "attached" to the side of her face, as she attempts to leave the room in order to get away from the Energizer Play Puppy who almost never stops!


penni said...

It will be nice when all four legged residents "like" each other. He's such a cutie!

Jules said...

Very sweet. It is amazing how our dogs adjust!

Elbeepem said...

At age 11 this is the third Cardi puppy that Elbee has had to endure. She's a serious little Princess and uses this as an opportunity to gain "Poor should pay more attention to me" points whenever possible.

We see through the act, but being a true Pem, it never stops her from trying! She was just as out-of-joint when Denali and Kenai arrived. Over time they grew to be best pals. I have no doubt she'll come around - in fact she's already made some concessions for Sage.