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Hermann Hesse

Friday, March 20, 2009

Got Sheep? Let's talk about Dolce!

Got sheep?

...then maybe you need this young lady to help you out? This is "Dolce," our latest rescue girl. She's currently living in a small house in the San Francisco Bay area, but she really needs to live on a ranch...or at least with someone who has a very large yard with room to run, and plenty of energy to keep up with her! At age 2, this dog still acts like a 6-month-old puppy - ready to rock!

Dolce means "sweet" in Italian, and she is just that. This is a very nice little Pembroke, but she was put in the wrong place when she went to live in a small house, with a small yard in the city. Dolce is probably the most energetic corgi we've ever had in rescue. She was originally bred in Missouri and she really would have been happier if she'd stayed there and been put to work herding a nice flock of sheep! She runs and jumps continually, and would make a great herding or agility prospect for the right corgi-knowledgable person.

Dolce loves people, loves other dogs, and loves to run! She's happy and sweet, a typical female PWC, who likes to run the show, but isn't overly dominant. She's good with most other dogs, but we wouldn't put her with another dominant dog. She's great with people, but too much dog for little children - a typical corgi.

We'll be posting Dolce on the ForPaws Corgi Rescue website within the next few days and looking for just the right home for this beautiful sable girl! 

If you've got the knowledge to work with her, this girl is a real natural as 
a herding or agility dog! She'd be awesome!

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